Robert Conques

Picture of Robert Conques

Date of Birth: 07/15/1917

Age: 99

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Born July 15, 1917, the family of American businessman and an English mother. He studied at the School of Winchester, at the University of Grenoble and Saint Magdalen College at Oxford University. During a year-long break in their studies, he traveled to Bulgaria. After returning to Oxford in 1937 he joined the Communist Party. In 1939 he graduated from his studies at Oxford with a low average score. With the onset of World War II, he joined the British intelligence, thus avoiding sending to the front. In 1940 he married Joan Watkins. In 1942 it passed a four Bulgarian language training at the School of Slavonic Studies. In 1944 he was sent to Bulgaria due to the pro-Soviet officer in the Bulgarian forces. In Bulgaria, I met Tatiana Mikhailov, who later became his second wife. With the end of the war he was transferred to the diplomatic service. Rabotad press attache at the British Embassy in Sofia, where the establishment of the Communist government there. In 1948 he returned to London with Tatiana Mikhailova. He married her after divorcing his first wife.

Until 1956 Robert Conquest worked for the service, officially referred to as the Department of Information Studies (IRD) Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (The head of the British Embassy IRD department responsible for issuing the "corrected" information to journalists and public figures.). The two main objects of his "research" was the Third World and the Soviet Union.

He worked at the British delegation to the UN. In 1960 he published his first book dedicated to the deportation of peoples in the Soviet Union. In 1962, he divorced his second wife, saying that she showed symptoms of schizophrenia. In 1962-1963 Conquest worked as a literary editor at The Spectator. In 1964 he married an American Carolyn McFarlane.

At the suggestion of IRD, Conquest wrote a book about the Soviet Union ( "The Great Terror: Stalin`s purges 30s"); third of the total circulation of the book was bought by Prager, regularly publish and distribute books on the CIA task.

In the future, combined work in universities with writing books for the US and UK governments. All were imbued with "the spirit of the Cold War." In 1984, US President Ronald Reagan ordered Conquest to write material for his presidential campaign, to "prepare the American people for a Soviet invasion." The text called "What to do, when they come to Russian? Survival Guide. " Noteworthy is the following saying there: "It is not true that all people are people. Russian people do not. This alien beings. "

In our days of Conquest is actively used by the Government of Ukraine to give credibility to their assertions about the "man-made famine in 1933". Conquest is also the author of numerous articles, fiction stories and three collections of poems.

At present - Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University (USA)

For the "services to the motherland" was awarded the Order of the British Empire.