Robert Brown

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Age: 46

Citizenship: United States

492nd arrest Robert Brown

The law and its bearing is always without a special heat treated recidivists; almost always one repetition of the offense is an aggravating factor and can seriously complicate the fate of the criminal. Those who are repeatedly caught for the same offense are usually very, very soon go to prison in the very long term - and it can be almost harmless outcome in many cases. Relapse for really serious crimes may well be grounds for a death sentence - of course, in those places where the death penalty has not been abolished. There are, however, instances of reverse - repeat offenders, whose list of sins for a long time has exceeded all reasonable limits, continue to walk free. It was so incorrigible and unbeaten offender is American Robert Brown; his account is currently listed nearly 500 offenses - and there is no reason to believe that Braun even once take up the mind.

Do not be afraid of nothing - Brown does not belong to the ranks of truly dangerous criminals. Robert is not a murderer, not a rapist or even a thief; most of the charges against him 492 offenses accounted for the same article - `drunkenness in public mestah`. For 46-year-old man arrested for drunkenness became occupation is almost routine; most favorite of Brown`s arrest in his village near highway I-65. Sitting here, Robert methodically breaking the law with the regular portion of alcohol-containing, waiting for the representatives of the authorities.

Not so long ago, Robert Brown could finally get something more than a normal arrest - the police found that the man really needs serious help. In the next 492-second time, the man was detained on 19 May. As before, Robert Brown had a beer at the highway; according to police, a process that he had to devote a lot of time - in addition to an opened bottle next to him still lying around 5 completely devastated. At the time of the next detention Brown was so drunk that he simply could not take care of themselves elementary. Brown was arrested on Tuesday, but on Wednesday night he was released from prison, having removed all charges against him. A similar outcome for the arrest of Robert is not a novelty; in fact, almost always new detention for it leads to a day or two behind bars, and the exit to freedom. When the history of the Brown became public, many had serious questions to the police; those, however, were able to give quite a convincing and unambiguous answers. According to the authorities, to do something with Robert Brown, remaining under the existing legislation is simply impossible. Regular public drunkenness for 5 years - an act, of course, not very honorable, but the law for him any serious punishment is not provided. How would adequately Brown himself did not conduct and no matter how much damage his actions have not caused by his own health, yet he did not commit any serious offense - and, therefore, can not be really severe punishment.

County Sheriff Daron Hall (Daron Hall) - whose regular customer is Robert Brown - said that the case of Robert as a whole can not be considered absolutely incredible. Brown, of course, broke all possible records for drinking and even by the standards of other alcoholics and vagrants is a case quite neglected; in general, however, Robert is a logical development of a fairly well-known to anyone even slightly experienced policeman trend. Such Brown - albeit on a smaller scale - can be found in almost any city in the world. Very often the main problem of these people is alcohol, at least - more dangerous drugs or even mental disorder. In all such cases, the offenders cause a certain amount of inconvenience to others, but the title of the really serious criminals does not pull. Almost always the situation develops according to the same scenario - the offender detained, sent to prison, and then - to the court and through the night or two it is on the loose. As confessed to the press Sheriff Daron Hall, the police often do not have time to complete the registration of another arrest to the time the detainee is already out at will.

Working with this type of repeat offenders, not only takes away from the police force and the time remaining while blatant exercise in futility; all this has cost the city treasury, and in large sums. Keep in prisons is not so cheap - a day is spent around 100 dollars a variety of resources. Few believe that the conclusion in prison seriously capable of someone to fix or re; in the case of Robert Brown, and the like, and is likely to remain at all.

The authorities informed of the situation, but at the moment about some radical changes can only dream of. Sheriff Hall was personally involved in a number of discussions, solutions to this problem; Unfortunately, nothing concrete so far failed to come up with. Ideally, people like Brown should not just delay for a day and then drive out back home - they need special care, and are more psychological than medical. Will the professional psychologists to persuade the offenders of this kind to take up the mind, where you can find a number of professional psychologists and who will pay for specialist services are not cheap - all of these questions remain unanswered. While the police are thinking what to do with its` permanent klientami`, they continue to complicate the lives of others - and slowly but surely destroying their lives. Meanwhile, in the state of Tennessee for being drunk in a public place a judge can, at best, to try to assign the detainee medical treatment; however, to treat the detainee is possible only with his consent, and the arrest in any form of art, and does not provide.

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