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Birthplace: Jersey

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Possible son of Princess Margaret

Ended recently in the UK trial of the will of the British Princess Margaret tracked by all who were interested in the mysteries though skolko-nibud British royal family. Considerable interest in the case gave the plaintiff - 58-year-old accountant from Jersey (Jersey) Robert Brown; man earnestly called himself the illegitimate son of Princess Margaret. Brown fought in court, however, not for the royal throne, and not for the right to be called the British monarch - his goals were more modest; with great difficulty, and not on the first try, Robert was able to dislodge the court the right to consult with the will of its presumed mother.

Wills crowned people in Britain prefer to keep secret for a long time, and a testament died in February 2002, Princess Margaret was not the exception. Under normal circumstances, the specific wishes of the late Princess would hardly ever kak-to affected the life of the average citizen; Brown, however, continued to nourish the hope that it claims has a bit of truth, and he really is a descendant of Margaret - which means it can be mentioned in the will.

According to the court`s decision, Brown is permitted - in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act of 2000 - to get acquainted with the will of Princess Margaret. Judge Phillips (Phillips) separately noted that the decision of the High Court in London (London `s High Court) accepted, based solely on legal considerations and the country`s constitution, and the alleged connection with Princess Brown at a verdict is not affected at all. In general, the case is quite interesting in terms of the issues realization of the existing laws, the interpretation of legal norms and rights as `` multi-level storon.Prinyatoe decision, according to many, has once again demonstrated that the law - at least in this case, - are more or less all, regardless of blood blueness and legal provenance. Robert Brown, of course, the verdict seemed more than reasonable - according to the plaintiff, the monarchy is unlikely to have the right to keep such information confidential, and the fact that judges him on this occasion agreed, is considered an excellent demonstration of the current state of the British legal system.

Brown commented on the situation around and its origin. Brown acknowledges that to prove the relationship with Princess Margaret at the moment not in a position and admits that it may be wrong. According to the theory of Robert, he was born a princess in 1955; his father was (probably) well-known musician and an aristocrat Cecil Robin Douglas-Home (Cecil Robin Douglas-Home). Indeed, Margaret and Douglas-Home had an affair, but it is dated 1967, and lasted for about a month. According to Brown, from a certain moment the pregnancy of Princess began to actively hide using twins; the newborn was sent to Nairobi, Kenya (Nairobi, Kenya), where he was brought up in a family of Cynthia (Cynthia) and Douglas Brown (Douglas Brown).

For the first time to prove relationship with Princess Margaret Robert Brown tried in 2006; however, at that time seriously Brown and his stories no one really did not take. By the current moment all theory Brown flatly rejected by the official representatives of the royal family; of the accountant called a dreamer, eager to support his obsession. Now Robert hopes to find in the will of Princess something that finally confirms his story.

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