Robert Bonnet

Picture of Robert Bonnet

Date of Birth: 09/27/1952

Age: 64

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Robert Bonnet was born in London (London), September 27, 1952, and studied in the ancient private school for boys Dalich College (Dulwich College), which since 1619 is in Daliche (Dulwich), One of the most peaceful areas in the south London. Later, he studied English and French at the University of Sussex (University of Sussex). Before becoming a BBC journalist, Bonnet has replaced a lot of lessons - he was a dustman, a DJ and worked in advertising agency `Benton and Bowles`.

He began his professional career on the radio as a freelance assistant at Radio Brighton in 1978 and the summer of 1980 joined the BBC as a producer on Radio Norfolk. Later he was transferred to the news program `Newsbeat` on Radio 1, and in the autumn of 1982, Bonnet was in the sports department of BBC Sport. In 1985, he worked for the BBC East. Television career Robert began when in February 1987, he joined the team `BBC News` and began working as a sports reporter and correspondent. In 1993, Bonnet report that Sydney (Sydney) has won the right to host the Olympic Games (Olympic Games) in 2000, which appeared in the news block nine-hour news, brought its author award `RTS Sports Report of the year`.

In September 1995, Bonnet was a part of the team that produces the morning program `BBC Breakfast`, as a sports reporter and remained so until October 2005. He has also covered major sporting events, and among them the World Cup (FIFA World Cup), the Commonwealth Games (Commonwealth Games) and the Olympic Games, as well as some other major sporting events.

In addition, Robert Bonnet is the director of an Internet TV service `The Country Channel` and continues to be a leading` Extra Time` on BBC World, a sports interview programs, as well as the transfer of `Today` radio BBC Radio 4. As a guest of his browser invited to the radio BBC radio 5 Live and in programs such as `Sportsweek`,` Sportsnight` and `Chiles on Sunday`.

During an interview with the Paralympic athletes of South Africa (South Africa) Oscar Pistorius (Oscar Pistorius) September 6, 2011 Bonnet asked him about the ethical problems associated with his participation in the relay 4x400 m at the World Championships in Daegu (Daegu), what Pistorius I said: `I think it`s an insult to me, and I think that this interview zakoncheno` then left the studio.

At Bonnet and his wife Margaret Harvey (Margaret Harvey), who he married in 1980, have two daughters, Ellie (Ellie Bonnet) and Clare (Clare Bonnet). Bonnet manages the company `Five Iron Productions`, which specializes in recording, editing and presentation of charity events and corporate golf.