Robert Blatchford

Picture of Robert Blatchford

Date of Birth: 03/17/1851

Age: 92

Citizenship: United Kingdom



The second son of John Blatchford, a traveling comedian, and Georgina Louise Blatchford, actress, was born in Maylstoyne annual World Industrial Exhibition. His father died in 1853. Mother continued to play on the stage, and two sons (Robert Montague) helped her by taking part in comedy productions. As a young family is constantly needed. In 1862 the family settled in Halifax, where Robert was periodically attend school and work in the printing, receiving only 18 pence a week. Despite the aversion to "public cheekbones" Robert soon began to read (free time for reading gave frequent illness) - Bible adventures of pilgrims and Dickens. However, the mother received a permanent job - dressmaker, and was able to arrange an apprentice sons. TakRobert got a factory for the production of brushes, where he met with Sarah Crossley. In 1880 they were married. Back in 1871 he left Halifax, whether because of a quarrel with his mother, or because of a fundamental decision to seek a better life.

Army and the beginning of a career journalist

For seven years he served in the army, in the Irish regiment (103 Rifle Dublin) where actually learned to read and write. In 1877 he left the army, however, was a long time in the reserve due to fears of war with Russia. After his discharge he worked in a textile company. After the wedding, work tired, the family moved to Northwich, where Robert is trying to become an actor. But the work is not there for the actors, and in the end he becomes a journalist. Most of all, his name made articles about the slums of Manchester. In 1897, two of his children die.

The transition to socialism

In 1890, in Manchester, it creates a local branch of the Fabian Society. A weekly "Clarion" began to publish in 1891. In 1910, the weekly circulation was 80,000 copies. In 1893, he publishes best-selling "good old England".

The peak of popularity

In the 1890s, the popularity of Blatchford and his magazine reaches its peak. Magazine organizes the whole movement of the same name: there is a community of cyclists Socialists, a magazine for children, scout movement, Choral Society, a collection of songs "Clarion" was released in 1906. magazine audience is growing dramatically. Simultaneously Blatchford praveet rapidly. During the Boer War he supported the government. Negative attitudes towards women`s suffrage and religious movements also limit the circle of his admirers.


In the 1900s to become a singer of British Blatchford alarmism. Predicting along with other well-known public figures of the inevitability of war with Germany arguing that Germany is preparing an immediate invasion of the British Isles.

Interesting facts

Doctors believed that the young Robert will not live long. However, being born during the World Expo 1851, he died during the Battle of Stalingrad. John Osborne believes that such a long life was the cause of the neglect biographers of this bright personality. It is difficult to write about a man whose most important work was published for 50 years before his death.