Robert Beatty

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Date of Birth: 10/19/1909

Age: 82

Place of Birth: Hamilton

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The actor of theater, cinema and radio

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Robert Beatty (full name - Robert Rutherford Beatty) was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada). It is known that in 1937, Robert came to London and got a job at BBC`s North American service. When the Second World War, he worked as a correspondent in being ill-German bombing of London, describing the air raids American listeners.

The first appearance in the movie prishlisna Beatty in 1939, when he made a rather minor roles in several films - `Black Limelight`,` Murder in Soho` and in the TV movie `For Those in Peril`.

In addition to work on camera, Robert worked on the stage, taking part in such productions as `A Bell for Adano` in 1945.

During his acting life Robert had come in about 90 films and telekartin; most notable film credits include `Odd Man Out`,` Captain Horatio Hornblower`, `Something of Value`,` 2001: A Space Odyssey`, `Where Eagles Dare` and many others. Television work presents a variety of films and TV series, among them - `The New Adventures of Martin Kane` and` Dial 999` in the 50s, `Doctor Who` and` The Troubleshooters` in the `60s, `Man at the Top` , `The Venturers` and` Hallmark Hall of Fame` in the 70s. In 1980, Beatty appeared in several episodes of the TV series `The Martian Chronicles`.

And, of course, all his life, Robert did not go to the BBC radio. He had the opportunity to work for BBC radio, BBC Transcription Service and Radio Luxembourg.

Already in the twilight of his years, in 1987, Beatty played a US president Ronald Reagan (Ronald Reagan) in the drama `Breakthrough at Reykjavik`.

The last film of the actor became a television thriller `The Return of Sam McCloud` in 1989.

March 3, 1992, Robert Beatty died of pneumonia in a London hospital; he was 82 years old.

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