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American film director, writer and producer ,the most famous paintings ` Kiss me nasmert` (` Kiss Me Deadly`), ` Large nozh` (` The Big Knife`), ` What Ever Happened to Baby Jane ?` (`What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?`), ` Flight Feniksa` (`the Flight of the Phoenix`),` Hush, hush, sweet Sharlotta` (`Hush. .. Hush, Sweet Charlotte) and` Dirty dyuzhina` (`the Dirty Dozen`).Robert Burgess Aldrich was born in Cranston, Rhode Island (Cranston, Rhode Island), in a family newspaper publisher Edward Aldrich (Edward B. Aldrich) and his wife Laura Lawson (Lora Lawson). Robert was the grandson of US Senator Nelson Aldrich (Nelson W. Aldrich) and the cousin of the 41st ViceUS President Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller).

After graduating from school in Providence, Rhode Island (Providence, Rhode Island), Robert went on to study economics at the University of Virginia (University of Virginia). In 1941 he left the university in order to work in the studio `RKO Radio Pictures`;from that moment he began his career in the movie business.

By Robert climbed the career ladder by leaps and bounds ; he quickly became an assistant director. He had the opportunity to work with such stars of the time, like Jean Renoir (Jean Renoir), Abraham Polonsky (Abraham Polonsky),Lucie Joseph (Joseph Losey) and Charlie Chaplin (Charlie Chaplin). In the 50s Aldrich directed television projects ; at the same time saw the light of his first film, `The Big Leaguer`. At that time, Robert was a rare instance of American auteur cinema ; its liberalhumanistic worldview he showed in films of different genre - which is considered now the classic film noir Kiss Me nasmert` ` (` Kiss Me Deadly`), the film adaptation of the play by Clifford Odets (Clifford Odets) of the Hollywood movie business ` Big nozh` and military drama ` Ataka` (` Attack`),tells of careerist attitudes in the US Army and their impact on the actual fighting. I must say that in the 50 Aldrich worked mainly on militants ; so they have been removed such popular pattern with Burt Lancaster (Burt Lancaster), as ` Apach` (` Apache`) and ` Faith Krus` (` Faith Krus`) .

In 1959 Robert was appointed head of the jury 9-th International Berlin Film Festival (9th Berlin International Film Festival).

In the 60s Aldrich released quite a number of commercially successful films. In 1962 I saw the light of gothic horror film ` What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? ` Bette Davis (Bette

Davis) and Joan Crawford (Joan Crawford). Following came the picture ` Hush, hush ,Pretty Sharlotta` - a major role played in it, again, Bette Davis ; It was planned role for Crawford, but she eventually abandoned. In 1967, Aldrich took one of the most famous military dramas of all time - ` Dirty dyuzhina`. The success of her was so great that Robert was able to establish his own studio ; Unfortunately,long she survived - after a series of failures because of its some nontraditional projects Aldrich had to close it and return to a more understandable to the broad masses of spectator pictures. The director, however,He continued to push in all your creations all the same humanist ideology - it is visible in the ` longest yard` (` The Longest Yard`) 1974 and Reid Ulzany` ` (` Ulzana`s Raid`) 1972.

Marriage with Harriet Foster (Harriet Foster) will last for 24 years - from 1941 to 1965 - th - and Robert brought four children. In 1966, the director was married a second time ,model Sybille Siegfried (Sybille Siegfried).

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