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Controls prevented even its inventor

Today in the house of the founder of the first wireless remote control, 90-year-old Robert Adler (Robert Adler), there are three remote control. And it is the same as millions of other consumers constantly confused when using these devices. The invention, once brought the comfort of people, and now gives a lot of inconvenience.

Boards need to Adler to control your TV, VCR and DVD- player. With difficulties,but he copes with them, although they recognize that their own child brings him trouble : "I feel terrible that very few designers that make the panels, understand that people do not know by heart how the panels work."Consumer Electronics Association (Consumer Electronics Association) calculated that at the present time in every American family has an average of four remote control. According to others, and even more. And all because now every manufacturer is committed to attach to your device with the remote control buttons 30-50 - and they can be understood. But in the end all this economy clutter coffee tables, collapses behind the sofa, and you no longer know what to control what is and what function in the remote is, what is not, despite the fact that most of these functions with each passing day it becomes more and more.

The problem is obvious, and we to it in this article will definitely return, but I think ,it makes sense to talk about its root causes, that is - the story of the appearance of the remote control and its inventor.

Robert Adler for his life got about 180 patents on a variety of devices which have been used in secret developments, as well as in our daily lives. But fame has brought him, as you know,creation of the first remote control.

Adler was born in 1913 in Vienna. Also in Austria, he was 24, he became a doctor of physical sciences, and soon after, he emigrated to the United States, where he began to work in the Research division of Zenith Radio (now it is Zenith Electronics Corporation).During the Second World Adler specialized in military communications equipment, including high-frequency oscillators and electromechanical filters for aircraft.

After the war he started a TV, together with colleagues exploring the possibility of improving the quality of signal reception and getting rid of all sorts of noise. And I must say ,had it worked.

At the same time the native Adler Corporation decided to implement the TV remote - something of a remote control she has done for the military. And in 1950 I saw the release of the first remote control, received the informal name "Lazy Bones" (meaning not literally " lazy bones ", and - the sloth, a slacker) . With the first remote control can be switched - off TV and switch channels, but there was one small inconvenience : the remote was connected to the " box" pretty thick cable, which proved to be unsafe for some awkward customers, " Zenith".

In 1955, there is deliverance from the power cord. Corporation idea of Adler`s colleagues ,Eugene Polley (Eugene Polley), produces "Flashmatic" - a wireless remote control, is actually a light pointer.

Ray needed to enter the solar cells located on either side of the screen. Unfortunately, not only obeyed photocells viewer, but reacted to sunlight. It is clear to what chaos it caused. Robert Adler thought again and decided that the team should try to submit your TV does not light, and sound, with such that the human ear could not catch it - ultrasound.

The new control was very simple and did not even need a battery.Pressing the button will blow to one of the four light aluminum sticks of different lengths - as in the piano hammers hit the strings.

The receiver in the TV accommodates the high-frequency sounds, the signals of the " scroll " channel up and down, on and off the sound, as well as food. Remote is called "Zenith Space Command", and went on sale in June 1956. Here it is considered the date of occurrence of the first full-fledged remote control.

A 30 percent increase in prices for the "Zenith" TV (because of vacuum tubes required receiver) first slightly puzzled public, but to underestimate the novelty it was impossible, " lazy bones " won.In the 1960s, after the invention of the transistor Adler somewhat changed "Zenith Space Command", the ultrasonic signals are produced electronically, there was a battery-powered.

By the early 1980s, when the infrared technology was born ,"Zenith" and other companies have already sold more than 9 million TV sets with a remote control system of Adler.

The inventor himself has worked as technical advisor to the Corporation in 1997 and, having collected countless honors and awards, went to rest. Now he is resting in the Chicago suburb surrounded by three RC and curses on his followers.

So, back to the problem with which we started. To some it may seem that there is no problem and there is no - there is universal remotes. Yes, there are, we some of them spoke, but not everything goes smoothly with these remote control, as it turns out.

First of all, due to the fact that the universal in the fullest sense of the word can only be called panels, whose prices start at $ 50. Those that are cheaper, "friends " with the technique is very selective, so the "native" remote controls (and in fact, they note, have included - in addition to pay for them is not necessary) are not replaced. At the same time universal remotes with a price tag of $ 100 and above coping well: can " learn" to adapt to a particular system, and also have the so-called " macro button " - it is a number of tasks with a single click.

For example, a user clicking the " close - button ", turns on the TV ,translates it into video mode and activates the DVD- Player. Thus, a process that requires the participation of usually three consoles, runs a single button with a single remote control.

US $ 200 per panel can take care of the programming of these "macro buttons. " On them and says " Watch TV " or " Listen to Music". Pressed ,and all the components are included automatically. Incidentally, the panels for $ 200 Harmony Remote is called.

And for only $ 500 you can buy a remote Home Theater Master MX- 800, through which the management of 20 devices. Sony`s remote control called Navitus and cost $ 700 commands 18 components but has a color LCD- screenperceiving clicking your fingers.

A sort of record on the front of the remote control, it seems, is on the iPronto Philips: a $ 1.7 thousand, he, among other things, wirelessly connect to the Internet to display news or e-mail.

But on such consoles Robert Adler says that for their use, you will need a pilot`s license.

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