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Date of birth: 28.08.1986

Age: 30

Place of birth: Ashland

Citizenship: United States

The man, who did not take a shower for a year

Rob Greenfield (Rob Greenfield) was born in 1986 in Ashland, Wisconsin (Ashland, Wisconsin, USA). From childhood he was obsessed with adventure, but because of his family did not come as a surprise that an adult Rob did not leave his love of wandering. I made him one mother in the family had three children, and they all used to do in my life small. For 18 years Rob, who from childhood with all his heart was a scout, scout received the highest rank - Eagle Scout. After high school, Rob went to study at the University of University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, where he was a bachelor.

While still a student, Rob began to actively travel, but, of course, his visit had nothing to do with the five-star hotels, bars at the pool and other attributes of the holiday is not poor people. No, Rob traveled extremely asleep in palatkahi many went on foot, but he managed to get on all six continents.

Later, after studying Greenfield moved to San Diego, California (San Diego, California), which launched its own business project - marketing campaign `The Greenfield Group`.

Rob has always promoted a healthy lifestyle, as well as the need to take care of the nature, and in this he started in 2013, a very unusual project. For example, a bicycle made of bamboo, he went on a journey across America, thereby urging Americans to live a simple life, close to nature and not to indulge in excesses.

It was during this trip and Rob found a very unusual record. So, he traveled on a bicycle in the country 104 days and not once in all that time did not take a shower. That is, it is, of course, wash, but do so entirely natural bodies of water - rivers, lakes, waterfalls, or simply in the rain. At the same time he came to the conclusion that a person can do in a day with a couple of gallons of water (one gallon - 3.78 liters), while on average people spend on a daily basis not less than 100 liters.

When the trip ended, and Rob came home, he did not run directly to the shower, and decided to continue the experiment. So, he spent two gallons per day throughout the year, and this year has never received any shower or bath. For the necessary care, he went out of town, but if rain fell, then he scored himself rainwater.

It is unknown whether he was able to reach out to citizens spoiled by civilization, but its task Rob Greenfield fulfilled - all he could do to save the planet and its water reserve, he did. Today, he continues to save water and does not spend a day more than two gallons.

And Rob is known for his adventurous escapades, and passing under the banner of saving the planet and encouraging people to be closer to nature. So, once a week he ate only from dumpsters, thereby encouraging people to be more careful with the purchase and the release of products. Right now, somewhere in the world are starving children who do not have enough elementary drinking water, and at this time we throw in a tank the whole package of products and forget for a few hours to close the faucet in the kitchen - it is trying to tell the world Rob Greenfield, ecologist -aktivist and traveler-extremals.

`My mission is to inspire people to start paying attention to what surrounds them and realize that even the simplest of actions can have an impact on the world vokrug`, - said Rob Greenfield.

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