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Date of Birth: 05/10/1987

Age: 21

Place of birth: Petvorf Sussex

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Death in the French Alps

Gauntlet grew up in England, in the town Petvorf in the west of the county of Sussex. He studied at Christ Hospital.

In 2003, without the slightest experience in climbing, Gauntlet and his school friend James Hooper decided it would be nice to reach the top of Everest. After the training courses in Scotland, in the French Alps, on a mountain Spantik in Pakistan and at the peak of Ama Dablam in Nepal, on May 17th 2006, they realized his dream and conquered the world`s highest peak. At that time, Gauntlet and Hooper was nineteen years old; thus they became the youngest Britons ever to rise in the Everest.

In 2005, friends took another adventure - to overcome on bicycles the way from Bilbao to Istanbul.

On April 8, 2007 to the 9th of October 2008 and Gaunlet Hooper did 180-degree expedition - from the North Pole to the South. The way they used only their strength and natural resources - these travelers have tried to draw attention to the problem of global warming. In skiing, dog sledding and boats they got to New York; then - on the bike to Panama, then use the boats they cut off the way to Guayaquil in Ecuador, where he again sat on the bike and moved to Punta Arenas, Chile. The last part of the way Hooper and Gauntlet overcome again by boat. Finish their trip in twenty-two thousand miles in length (a little more than thirty-five thousand kilometers) swim 1,800 nautical miles to Australia.

The expedition was carried out for the sake of raising money to fund "The Prince`s Trust". In November 2008, Gauntlet and Hooper were "Travellers of the Year" by the National Geographic Society; awarding was held at the headquarters of the Company in Washington.

The morning of January 10th 2009, the rescue team found the body Gauntlet and his companion, James Atkinson in the French Alps. Apparently, they broke down during the ascent to the top of the Chamonix ice. Rob arrived in the Alps at the weekend, along with Atkinson, Hooper and another school friend - Richard Le Bon. Friends were divided into two teams - Hooper and Gauntlet help less experienced comrades. Due to the weather Hooper decided to refrain from climbing. Around 6.30 local time Gauntlet and Atkinson broke down. The exact cause of death is unknown. Both the victims were only twenty one year.

March 21, 2009, the memorial service was held in their home school.

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