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Rhys ap Gris & # 769; feed (1132 - April 28, 1197) (WALL Rhys ap Gruffydd.) - Ruler of the Welsh kingdom Deheubarth. He is better known as "Lord Rees" (WALL. Yr Arglwydd Rhys, English. Lord Rhys), but probably during his lifetime he did not use that title. [1] Sam Rice called himself "Prince Deheubarth" or "Prince of South Wales", but remained two documents, where it is the title as "Prince of Wales" or "Prince Welsh" [2]. Rice was one of the most powerful rulers of Welsh, and after the death of Owain Gwynedd in 1170, he became a leading player in the Welsh political scene.

Santa Rhys, Rhys ap Tewdwr King Deheubarth, died in 1093, during the confrontation the Norman Conquest. After his death, the Normans conquered most of the kingdom. Father Gruffydd Rhys still able to get a small portion of itself into the possession of, and after the death of Rhys Gruffudd older brothers also won part of the land. Figure Deheubarth became ruler in 1155. In 1158, he bylvynuzhden submit to King Henry II. In 1163, Henry invaded Deheubarth, stripped Rhys of all lands and captured. A few weeks later Rhys was released, and he returned to a small part of the holdings. Then he entered into an alliance with Owain Gwynedd, and after an unsuccessful invasion of Henry to Wales in 1165 Rhys was able to get back almost all their lands.

In 1171 Rice concluded a peace treaty with Henry, which confirmed his right to any newly conquered possessions. In addition, Rice became Justiciar of South Wales. He maintained good relations with the king until Henry`s death in 1189. Later, Rice rebelled against Richard I and attacked the Norman possessions in Wales, capturing several castles. In the last years of his life he devoted a lot of time Figure reconciliation of its sons, especially Maelgwn and Gruffudd. In the last campaign against the Normans Rice went in 1196. The following year, he suddenly died and was buried in St. Peter. David.