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Date of Birth: 08/21/1989

Age: 27

Place of birth: n Alekseevskoe.

Citizenship: Russia

Rinalia Mukhametov - still ahead

Rinalia Albertovich Mukhametov - a native of Tatarstan, he was born on August 21, 1989 in the village of Alekseevskoe. As a child, the boy did not have a strong preference for the choice of profession, and in the eighth grade Rinalia even tried to enter the Suvorov military school. To carry out this was not possible, and by the end of high school, he decided to become an actor. After receiving the certificate, Rinalia went to Kazan, where the selection committee adequately assessed the external data is a tall, slender, handsome, his musical ability and plastic movements. Becoming a student of drama school, he worked simultaneously Mukhametov dancer in a nightclub. After a while he realized that training in Kazan will not achieve the peaks of art, of which he dreams, and went to study in Moscow. The Admissions Committee of the School of Moscow Art Theatre drew the attention of the applicant that he had a slight stutter. However, the member of the commission Kirill Serebryannikov Rinalia accepted to study at their `Seventh studiyu` with the proviso that the correct diction. The young man tried his best - he not only got rid of stuttering, but also become one of the best stage movement, fencing and other subjects. Another student Mukhametov participated in the performances of the Moscow Art Theatre (Fei` `` Lando` and other productions).

In 2012, after graduation, he became an actor Rinalia Mukhametov `Gogol-tsentra`, in the company which operates in the present. He continues to play in the play `Fei`, performs several roles in the production of` snarka` on Hunting (by L. Carroll), `Metamorfozah` Ovid, the play` Bratya`. Among the most striking scenic images Rinalia Mukhametova - Lysander in A Midsummer `noch` and the main character in the comedy del arte style` Harlequin bred lyubovyu`. `Besides productions Gogol-tsentra` young actor plays and performances going on the price of the Centre of Contemporary Art `Vinzavod`. The statement `Hero of Our vremeni` Mukhametov fulfills the role of Pechorin Grushnitsky and Azamat; in the mystery of `Cain / Kain` (based on Byron`s poem), he plays Cain and Lucifer, as well as taking part in a poetic play `Red vetka`.

Filming Rinalia Mukhametov started before graduation, and his debut role differed sharply from the traditional student filming episodes. Historical drama `Iskuplenie` (2011) - is a brutal story about the post-war years, moral choice, retribution, and love. Image of Augustus, the young pilot, experienced the tragedy of the family of the deceased and the inability to avenge her, his attempt to commit suicide and the state of shocked spectators love, although their reaction to the film was also ambiguous. The central role Rinalia Mukhametov played in the second season of the mystical thriller `Bashnya` (2012, Amir), as well as the fantasy thriller` Pogruzhenie` (2013, Renat). With great interest the young actor has accepted the invitation to participate in the project, Sergey Zhigunov `Three mushketera`. He conformed to the image of his hero`s age and appearance, yet at the Studio School learned to fence, causing praise stunt coordinator Michel Karleza. Horse riding to participate in the filming Rinalia not engaged, but made friends with the horses is surprisingly fast and since then wants to someday start their own small stable. Unfortunately, viewers, well remembering the previous adaptation of `Mushketerov` and charm Boyarsky, reacted to the new version rather critically, and Rinalia Mukhametov not received the recognition of which he was entitled to expect after work on the project. However, he was lucky with the next project. Historical drama `Ekaterina` (2014), in which he played Sergei Saltykov, really liked the audience, and in the young actor`s address received many rave reviews, primarily of spectators of all ages. Mukhametova next work was the mini-series `Manekenschitsa`, whose action takes place in the seventies of the last century. History of provincial, has become a fashion model, her boyfriend, avant-garde artist, played by Rinalia Mukhametov, and their attempts to go to the West, has caused a great response, and, in spite of the marked audience inconsistencies, work has received high rankings and many approving comments, including and work of the young actor. The latest to date, the project is Mukhametova romantic comedy `Teli and Toli`, which tells about the relationship of the two residents of mountain villages, among which recently became a border run. Also Rinalia Mukhametova, engaged in the project Armen Digarhanyan, Kakha Kavsadze Ivan Dubrovsky and other famous actors. The yield on the screens of the film is expected in the summer of 2015.

Despite his young age, Rinalia Mukhametov married. His fiancee - a student of the Shchukin School Carolina Eruzalimskaya that once after the play `Kain` presented a handsome young actor colors. Funny wedding took place in 2012, after finishing work on the `Three mushketerami`. Mukhametov acknowledges that after the marriage has changed a bit, losing the old character of lightness, but does not regret it and calls his wife `emergency pomoschyu`. The story of the talented actor would be incomplete without mention of the fact that he is the frontman and drummer he created `Yellow asfalt` whose style Rinalia defines as` terrorizing popsy` Group performs songs in Russian and Tatar languages, poetry and music Mukhametov him to compose himself.

Author: Andrew Puminov

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