Rimma Bukova

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Date of Birth: 05/05/1921

Age: 86

Place of birth: Sevastopol

Citizenship: Russia


Born on May 5, 1926 in Sevastopol.

She graduated from the Odessa Theatre School (1951).

Since 1944 - the actress of the Odessa Theater of the Red Army.

She worked in the Russian Drama Theatre imeniLermontova (Grozny), in Stalingrad Drama Theater in Lviv theaters and Leningrad.

Since 1965 was the leading actress of the Moscow Stanislavsky Drama Theatre, this teatrepostavila "Ghosts" by Ibsen.

Subsequently he played "Sphere" at the Moscow Drama Theater.

People`s Artist of the RSFSR (1988).

He passed away April 11, 2008 in Moscow. Buried na16-m section Kuz`minskii cemetery.

Theatrical works

Performances and role in the Theatre "Sphere":

Invitation to the castle

Harold and Maude (Maude)

Prizes and awards

In 2002 she was awarded the Order of Honor.

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