Riley Gunn

Picture of Riley Gunn

Age: 36

Citizenship: United States

The dismissal of a million in the lottery

More recently a resident of Oregon, 34-year-old Riley Gunn (Riley Gunn), do not feel lucky. Indeed, how can you feel darling of fortune, if you are laid off from work, and other work and was not? So when he bought almost all the money on a lottery ticket, spent $ 16 on him, he felt almost robbed her family. But an inner voice tells Riley - `All right, all right, everything goes nado`.

He was fired from work in May - Gunn worked in a telecommunication company in Reno, Nevada (Reno, Nevada). Later, the family was too expensive to stay in Reno, and they moved to Oregon, to stay with relatives.

Lucky ticket Riley bought by accident, after listening to all the same inner voice, however, of such luck could not even dream of. It spent $ 16 million brought in the end.

His 32-year-old wife, Misty (Misti), first just could not believe what had happened - she just froze, staring into space in front of him. And only later come to understand what is happening, and then the emotions.

By the way, in order to get 200 miles to the site of the lottery, Riley Hanna had to borrow money from friends. Later, she said that those 10 minutes that they spent in the parking lot before the opening, have become perhaps the most long moments in their lives. But then all was confirmed - Riley was indeed the owner happy ticket, his family brought a million.

Spouses Gunn assured that the money sent to them by the Lord, and they are determined to pay him back. So, apart from the usual visits to the church, they are going to pay a monthly 10% of his church.

Riley and Misty have already decided that they first buy a house in Redding, California (Redding, Califschktshf), then - new machines, `Grand Cherokee` for Misty and` Rubicon` for Riley. The remaining money decided to use for the development of family business, which is the spouse Gunn intend to launch very soon.

`Now, our life will change - barely holding back tears, said Misty Gunn - because to live without money - it`s very trudno`.