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Date of Birth: 07/24/1969

Age: 47

Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario)

Citizenship: Canada


Author: Svetlana Ogorodnikov

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Ulrich Alexander Fox was born in July 24, 1969 in Toronto (Canada, Ontario). Rick - the son of Diana Dzheras - Olympic champion in the high jump. By origin Diana - Italian, her parents moved to Canada in search of a better life, and a desire for crossings got it from them. When Rick was three, his family moved to his father`s home, and the family went to live in the Bahamas.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the son of Olympic champion from childhood was fond of sports. His favorite was basketball. After high school, the boy was admitted to the Kingsway Academy in Naz, where he became a member of the basketball team `Saints`. Sports talent the boy had already manifested. In addition to `Saints`, he has played for the city team Warsaw (Indiana). Later, entered the University of North Carolina, Rick spent in the student team is one of its most successful seasons.

Professional basketball career Fox - in commands `Boston Celtics` (1991-1997) and` Los Angeles Lakers` (1997-2004). Overall, he spent 13 seasons in basketball. Over the years, as part of NBA to play for his native Canada, he had only once - in 1994 at the World Basketball Championship, which was held in Toronto. Canadians fought with Greece, and despite the fact that the championship was held in their territory lost.

In a sense, this is the visit to his homeland and became Rick Fox, a turning point of his career. It was at this time, and that the Canadian television made his acting debut. However, it was not really acting performance. Local television station involved in a project to promote healthy lifestyles, and Rick gave them advice on how to present the most beneficial basketball among other sports.

His first role played in the Fox series `Oz` Prison, where he got the role of a prisoner. In addition, he appeared in several films on basketball theme: `Eddi`,` His igra` `Blue fishki`. This was followed by a larger work, such as the `Hill of dereva`, `` and Akula` Klad`. In addition, Fox produced the first charity project `film` second, which was attended by many stars. The project remains one of the biggest charity events on this day.

Of course, the original cause of cinematic success Rica was his vivid and memorable appearance. But in 2007, Fox moved to a more specific role. He played in the movie `Introduction to Braunami`, as well as in the TV series `` Durnushka` and Gryaz`. Of course, called Fox`s role in the movie is very much more difficult. Often he plays the role of `guest zvezdy`, not characteristic of the character on which the story is built. However, the actor does not intend to stop there, the more so in recent years the quality of his game markedly increased.

One of the biggest successes was the participation of the actor in the TV show `Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader` (analogue` Who Wants to Be millionerom`), where the former basketball player won $ 25,000. All the money went to charity. Yet since 1994, it supports Fox Foundation, which helps patients with attention deficit disorder and gipperaktivnosti. By fateful coincidence it is not so long ago, the disease was diagnosed, and most former basketball player.

Rick Fox was married to singer Vanessa Williams. The ceremony of their marriage was Pts Shade modest and held in the Bahamas. In 2000, the couple had a daughter, Sasha, and in 2005 the couple divorced. However, between them and still maintain friendly relations.

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