Richard Marner

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Date of Birth: 03/27/1921

Age: 82

Place of birth: Saint Petersburg

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Elena Murzina

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The eldest son of Colonel Pavel Molchanov Alexander Molchanov was born March 27, 1921 in Petrograd Soviet. His father served in the Semenov regiment, one of the two legendary military compounds, the initiator of which was the Tsar Peter the Great (the second regiment - the Transfiguration), at that time still prince. In 1924, the family Molchanov in full force able to emigrate from Russia. First they went to Finland and then to Germany, and finally settled in the UK. In London, Harley Street, the street, which was unusually high concentration of high-class doctors, in their own home grandmother lived with the mother of Alexander, Olga Novikova. Her nickname in the family`s grandmother was London. Great-grandmother called Granny-Claridge, the name of a luxury hotel in central London, where she had a habit of stopping when they visit the UK.

Alexander Molchanov studied at Monmouth School, a private boarding school for boys located in the south-east Wales. Monmouth School- not only one of the oldest British schools (it was founded in 1614), but also quite expensive, from which it can do, what the family was able to save at least part of their capital. Sasha excellent knowledge of and fluent in four languages ??- Russian, English, French and German. After high school he entered the post of assistant to a famous opera singer, tenor Vladimir Rosing, who at the time played at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden. With the onset of World War II, Alexander Molchanov enlisted in the Royal Air Force and part of the Cadet Corps Royal Air Force went to South Africa. After his release from the service on health grounds, Alexander changed his name to the more English `Richard Marner` and began a long and successful career as an actor of theater and cinema.

One of the first theater roles Marner (and its first truly successful and prominent role) - Count Dracula, which is still considered a very good interpretation of the image of the Carpathian vampire was so memorable performance with the participation of Richard.

In 1950, the actor made his debut on the big screen in the role of Colonel SS in the drama `Lily Marlen` (Lilli Marlene). Among his works (which is about 80 films and TV series) - the fifth film about the 007 `You Only Live dvazhdy` (You Only Live Twice), a thriller about Nazi criminals from Brazilii`` Boys (The Boys from Brazil), a detective of the Cold War `the Spy Who came in from holoda` (the Spy Who came in from the Cold), which has become a classic of cinema drama` koroleva` Africa (the African Queen), Swiss painting `` Four in Dzhipe` in which Marner performed all the dialogue in Russian . But the most famous and beloved audience work is part of the German colonel in the popular sitcom `Allo! Hello! `, Which went on the air for over 10 years, from 1982 to 1992.

The last film was the detective Marner 2002 `All the fears world` (The sum of all fears), in which the actor played prezidentaRossii.

In 1991, on the initiative of Boris Yeltsin, the first president of Russia, Moscow hosted the first congress of compatriots, a kind of olive branch held out by the new government representatives of Russia Russian diaspora, especially the descendants of the White Guard part. Richard Marner was one of 600 people who have received an invitation to visit the land of their ancestors. Although happened in the summer of 1991, an attempted coup (August coup) Marner remained in Russia long enough to see the bleary-eyed from crying as over Moscow raised the red flag of the USSR, and the imperial flag, the first time in more than 70 years.

In 1947, Richard Marner married actress Pauline Farr, with whom he had lived all his life. Offstage Pauline enjoyed the native name of her husband and was represented as Pauline Molchanoff. They had a daughter, Helen, gave the parents of three grandchildren.

The actor died on March 18, 2004, in the Scottish Perth, at the age of 82 years.

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