Richard Fran Biegenwald

Picture of Richard Fran Biegenwald

Date of Birth: 08/24/1940

Age: 67

Place of birth: Rockland County

Citizenship: United States


Richard Fran Bigenvold (Richard Fran Biegenwald) was born August 24, 1940-the first in Rockland County, New York (Rockland County, New York). He was often beaten as a child by his father, an alcoholic. In 5 years, Richard has set fire to her house - and was sent for observation in the Psychiatric Center of Rockland County.

Police surrounded the house Bigenvolda January 22, 1983-GO, when the perpetrator visited Derran Fitzgerald (Dherran Fitzgerald). Derran and Richard were both arrested. The search in the house revealed a large cache of weapons and drugs. The police confiscated homemade bombs from the iron tube explosives samopaly, one machine gun; Rohypnol, marijuana and living dinning viper, and discovered the plans of several local businesses.

During the interrogation, Fitzgerald told the police about the body of the third victim, a young woman who showed him Bigenvold. The murderer hid the body in his garage. Fitsdzheraldtakzhe told police that he helped carry Bigenvoldu another body in his mother`s house in Staten Island (Staten Island), and bury it in the basement. He admitted that when digging a grave for the victims in the basement, then ran into the remains of another body that Bigenvold buried here some time ago. Fitzgerald also led police to the burial site of three more bodies, not counting those buried in Staten Island.

During the investigation, the police entered the ninth victim, merchant William Ward drug (William Ward), who was buried in a shallow grave in Neptune City, NJ (Neptune City, New Jersey). Ward had escaped from prison, the criminal, to which led Bigenvold friendship. Friendship, apparently, did not last long, because Bigenvold shot Ward in the head five times, and then got rid of the body.

The police have enough evidence to show Richard the charge of murder 1st degree. Fitzgerald gave evidence that played a decisive role in the conviction of criminals. In exchange for cooperation with the authorities Fitzgerald was charged with a charge of illegal possession of weapons, and he became an accomplice after the crime, which resulted in 10 years of imprisonment. Fitzgerald was released from prison in New Jersey in 1994.

Bigenvold was found guilty on all five counts of murder in the 1st degree Monmouth County jury. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection, but the sentence was later canceled by the Court of Appeal. Until his death Bigenvold serving four life sentences without parole in New Jersey State Prison.

Bigenvold died March 12, 2008 th at St. Francis Medical Center in Trenton, New Jersey (Trenton, New Jersey). An autopsy showed that a serial killer died of respiratory and renal failure.

The names of some of his victims.

In 1958, Richard killed Sladovski shot Stephen (Stephen Sladowski) after attempted robbery in Bayonne, New Jersey (Bayonne, NJ).

November 1, 1981 the first shot he killed Mary Siallellu (Maria Ciallella), and then dismembered her body. She was buried in the house Bigenvolda mother.

April 8, 1982 the first killer to be finished with a knife with Deborah Osborne (Deborah Osbourne). Parts of her body were buried in his mother`s house.

August 28, 1982 th Bigenvold Olesievich invited Anna (Anna Olesiewicz) for a walk in Asbury Park (Asbury Park), and then shot her in the head four times. He threw her body near a fast food restaurant `Burger King` in Ocean Township, New Jersey (Ocean Township, NJ).

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