Richard English

Picture of Richard English

Date of Birth: 1963

Age: 52

Place of birth: Belfast

Citizenship: Ireland


Richard was born in Belfast (Belfast) in 1963. His father, Donald Inglish (Donald English, 1930-1998), was a famous Methodist preacher. Inglish studied at Keble College, Oxford (Keble College, Oxford) and then at the University of Kiel in Staffordshire (Keele University, Staffordshire, England), where he defended his PhD degree in the field of historical sciences. His first job in 1990 was the Department of Political Science at Queen`s University Belfast (Queen `s University Belfast), and nine years later Inglish got there a professorship. He currently works as a professor of political science at Queen`s University, where he teaches Irish history, and is headed by MA program in Irish politics.

Much of his research focuses on the Irish republican movement, and, in particular, the history of the Irish Republican Army (Irish Republican Army). The first book Inglisha `Radicals and the republic, socialist republicanism in the Irish Free State 1925-1937` (Radicals and the Republic, Socialist Republicanism in the Irish Free State 1925-1937), published in 1994, the publishing house `Oxford University Press` and based on his doctoral thesis, tells the story of the Irish Republican politics after the civil war, torn the country apart in the years 1922-1923. His next work, biography Ernie O `Malley (Ernie O `Malley), veteran IRA 20s, called` Ernie O` Malley: Intellectual IRA `(Ernie O` Malley: IRA Intellectual), came out in 1998.

Since then, he has written the book `The armed struggle - the history of the IRA `(Armed Struggle - The History of the IRA), which was released in 2003. This book is mainly dedicated to the modern history of the IRA, it became a political book of the year according to the Association of Political Studies `` (Political Studies Association) and entered the shortlisted Ewart-Biggs (Ewart Biggs Memorial Prize). After that, in 2006, released Inglish broader analysis of Irish nationalism, a book entitled `The Irish Freedom: A History of Nationalism in Ireland `(Irish Freedom: The History of Nationalism in Ireland), which became the winner of the award Ewart-Biggs.

Inglish also co-authored two papers published in 1999. The first - with Charles Townshend (Charles Townshend) work on `Political State: historical and political aspects of the` (The State: Historical and Political Dimensions). The second - `Rethinking Britain`s decline `(Rethinking British Decline) Michael Kenny (Michael Kenny).

In 2009 he published the last work of Richard Inglisha, the study of terrorism as a military and political issues, entitled `The response to terrorism` (Responding to Terrorism), awarded the highest reviews in the press.