Richard Eastham

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Date of Birth: 06/22/1916

Age: 89

Place of birth: Opelousas

Citizenship: United States


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Eastham was born in Opelousas, Louisiana (Opelousas, Louisiana); He studied at the University of Washington (Washington University) of St. Louis, Missouri (St. Louis, Missouri). Already in his student when he was Eastham appeared in the local opera house St. Louis Grand Opera. During the Second World Eastham served in the army; while he had to lodge in Paris (Paris). After the army, Richard returned to the actor`s activities; he played in New York`s American Theatre Wing, as an apprentice famous opera singer Ezio Pinza (Ezio Pinza).

Eastham was possible to try yourself in the musical - staged `South Pacific okeana` (` South Pacific`) he played planter Emile DeBeka (Emile DeBecque); on the same stage with him, by the way, shining Mary Martin (Mary Martin) and Janet Blair (Janet Blair).

Played by Richard and on Broadway (Broadway); with Ethel Merman (Ethel Merman) - by the way, a close friend of his - he worked in the production of `Call Me Madam`.

At the same Eastham Merman starred in the first movie studio in the musical `20th Century Fox` called` This is not the case `(` There`s No Business Like Show Business`) -! And he was not able to sing.

Singer Eastham was quite promising, but still wife convinced him to leave the singing and concentrate on acting. Successful film roles, Richard played a lot. In 1957 he starred in the film `Man on Fire` with Bing Crosby (Bing Crosby); in 1960, he played the role of Colonel Sam Castle (Colonel Sam Castle the Ringmaster) in the Disney movie `Toby Tayler` (` Toby Tyler`) - this time the company he was a young talent Kevin Corcoran (Kevin Corcoran). In 1965, Eastham played in another Disney film, `This wild koshka` (` That Darn Cat `!); in 1966, he starred in two films - `not only with my wife, do not you dare `(` My Wife, You Don`t `!) and the` corner ubiyts` (` Murderers` Row`)!.

On television, Richard began to appear in 1948. On the small screen Eastham played a lot of crime dramas and westerns; so many remember his character from the popular CBS channel project `Perry Meyson` (` Perry Mason`). In 1957, Richard starred in the war drama `Men of Annapolis`, in 1960 - played a small role in an episode of the series` The Aquanats` c Keith Larsen (Keith Larsen) Drain and Jeremy (Jeremy Slate).

In the early 1970s, Eastham twice starred in the ABC legal show `Owen Marshall: advokat` (` Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law`). In 1974, Richard received a role in one of the episodes of the series `Kojak`; in 1976 and 1977, he played 12 times Phil Blankenship (PhilBlankenship) in the adventure series, Lynda Carter Wonder Zhenschina` `(` Wonder Woman`).

In the late `70s and early` 80s Eastham double-starred in the popular family drama channel CBS `Uoltony` (` The Waltons`); for the first time, in 1977, he played Judge Thomas Parrish (Judge Thomas Parrish,), for the second time in 1981 - Wesley Northridge (Wesley Northridge). In 1982, Richard again played Wesley Northridge - this time in the television movie `A Wedding on Walton`s Mountain`.

His last role played by Richard Eastham in 1991; she became Hillson Frank (Frank Hillson) from the cult CBS series `Dallas` (` Dallas`).

In 1942 Eastham married Betty Jean (Betty Jean); they lived together until his death in 2002, Jean-m. Children from Richard and Betty was not. Eastham himself died in 2005; the cause of his death was Alzheimer`s disease. At the time of the death of the actor he was 89 years old.

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