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Date of Birth: 04/01/1942

Age: 74

Place of birth: Youngstown

Citizenship: United States

Interpreter Marx with a modern twist

Richard Wolf - American heterodox economists, well known for his work in the field of Marxist economics, economic methodology and analysis classes.

Richard`s parents were from Europe (Europe); they moved to the United States during the Holocaust. His father, a French lawyer who previously worked in Koln (Cologne), got a job in Youngstown, Ohio (Youngstown, Ohio); he had to work a metallurgist, because European law degree did not recognize in America. Wolf`s mother was German. Eventually, the family settled near New York City (New York City). As he later stated Richard Wolf, childhood greatly affected his outlook on the world; relatively unstable childhood forever Wolf strengthened in the idea that the global political and economic system in serious need of revision.

In 1963, Richard received his history Bachelor of Harvard (Harvard), in 1964 - the diploma of Master of Economics at Stanford (Stanford), in 1966 - the diploma of Master of Economics at Yale (Yale University), in 1967 - the diploma Master of history, and in 1969 - a doctorate in economics. Wolf Dissertation on the economic aspects of colonial policy on the example of the UK and Kenya was published in 1974 in book form.

In the period from 1969 till 1973rd Wolff taught at the City College of New York (City College of New York); it was here that he began his collaboration with economist Stephen Resnick (Stephen Resnick), moved here from Yale (Yale). Wolf, Resnick, Samuel Bowles (Samuel Bowles), Herbert Gintis (Herbert Gintis) and Rick Edwards (Rick Edwards) got in 1973 at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Massachusetts Amherst (University of Massachusetts Amherst). In 1981, Wolf became a full professor at Amherst; in 2008 he retired, retaining the honorary professorship.

His first published work together Wolff and Resnick - `The theory of transition conditions and transition from feudalism to kapitalizmu` (` The Theory of Transitional Conjunctures and the Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism`) - laid the foundations of their future research. However, Wolff and Resnick created a non-deterministic, based on the analysis of class approach that helps to understand a number of complex issues, one way or another associated with the transition from feudalism to capitalism. Among other things, Wolff and Resnick studied Marxist theory, cost analysis, redefinition, radical economics, international trade, business cycles, social formation and the experience of the Soviet Union.

In 1989, Wolf, along with a group of colleagues and students launched the magazine `Rethinking Marxism`; This scientific publication their main aim is rethinking Marxism and the development of new applications and interpretations of Marxist theory for different business tasks. At the moment, Wolf continues to occupy the editorial office of the publication.

Located at Wolf and time on political activities - so he was behind the `green partii` New Haven, Connecticut (New Haven, Connecticut), and in 1985 even ran from the party for mayor. In 2011, Richard Wolf, said the need to establish in the United States a new left-wing party `massovogo`.

It is known that one of the disciples of Richard Wolf - George Papandreou (George Papandreou) - later made into professional life considerable success - he was able to become prime minister of Greece.

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