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Does the sport to lose weight?

There are two main errors that can make dieters. Some are beginning to exhaust itself painful diets, with no changing your lifestyle at all and exercise regime in particular; Others, however, are beginning to go to the gym, eating while in the old and not quite optimally. Problems first approach known - the body quickly realizes that the external flow of nutrients and reduced passes into austerity mode, which negatively affect the human condition. The second approach is, alas, not better. Active sports awaken to latter-day athletes truly inhuman appetite; calorie consumption increases - and, alas, completely interrupting the effect of burning themselves exercise. The conclusion is simple - exercise and control eaten must go hand in hand; alas, to realize such obvious at first glance, the idea can not please everyone.

As explained by experts of the University of Loyola, in Chicago, the relationship between exercise and obesity has been studied for years. Dr. Richard Cooper and Dr. Luke, Amy (Amy Luke) came to a rather neozhidannymvyvodam. Of course, physical activity to maintain itself in the form, at the appropriate level, is a must; Unfortunately, there are some data indicating the relationship of active exercise and gain excess weight. Often, this kind of growth is observed even when a person observes everything seems to be prescribed by the rules - more moves, Use the stairs instead of the elevator, eat more vegetables and fruits. Alas, this approach helps not always; in practice, even fruits and vegetables are often unable to eat a few extra kilos - especially if you do not use them in place, and with the usual diet.

Logic weight reset process is simple to ruthlessness - need to consume fewer calories. To achieve this, concentrating only on a diet or just on sport, it is impossible. Oddly enough, the amount spent on sport exercises power often has nothing to do with weight loss. The problem is that only a very small percentage of people are able to expose themselves to physical exercise such a level so that the weight of the impact could be even notice. Most often, sport helps to keep yourself in shape, but overall his contribution to the weight reduction can be hurt small.

From their research, and Hatch Cooper made an unexpected conclusion - the consumption of fewer calories without exercising much more quickly lead you to success than intensive physical activity, coupled with improper diet. Of course, increased physical activity does not necessarily lead to an increase in the number of calories consumed - after all, a man can control himself fully, without surrendering to the will of the increased appetite. Can not, alas, not everyone - and most compensation mechanisms prevail, making completely forget about reasonable limits.

Cooper and Luke - are not the first scientists telling about such an unusual consequence of diet. Even last year, Dr Michael Mosley (Michael Mosley), author of the popular diets `5: 2`, said that sport can lead to weight gain. Mosley also explained that many sincerely believe in the fat burning effect of sport - and in general gyms often described as a source of positive emotions. Indeed, the sport burns calories - but after school, we often begin to reward yourself for good behavior, thereby more than offsetting with any positive effect. In general, according to Michael, physical activity - a great way to keep weight normal, but as a tool for weight loss it fits poorly. In the end, it not burned as many calories as you would like - and here the role played by pure mathematics. One kilogram of fat around 7700 calories (fat from the energy point of view is even more resource-intensive than the explosives); burn calories, this can be, running 160 kilometers. This in itself may spoil the mood of anyone, but keeping calories eaten further complicates the situation. One muffin contains 500 calories; to burn it, you need to run 10 kilometers or walk 20 Cup of coffee latte contains about 150 calories - and, as a consequence, is burned after a 3-kilometer run or a 6-kilometer walk. It is easy to calculate that in such proportions to lose weight by exercising alone is almost impossible. Only by combining exercise with a sensible diet and rejection of tasty, but junk food, you can achieve the longed reduce waist.