Richard Cobden

Picture of Richard Cobden

Date of Birth: 06/03/1804

Age: 60

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Cobden, Richard (Cobden, Richard) (1804-1865), English politician. Born June 3, 1804, near Midhurst (Sussex) in a farmer`s family. From 1828 he engaged in trade chintz in London. I had a textile mill in Manchester.

In the early period of its activity Cobden tried to improve the functioning of municipal bodies of Manchester; He was one of the leaders in 1839 based Anti-Corn Law League, whose members were in favor of the abolition of duties on imported grain to England.

In 1841 Cobden became a member of Parliament and continued to campaign for free trade, which in 1846 led to the abolition of the Corn Laws, which marked the end of the era of protectionism. In 1860 he managed to achieve the conclusion of the Anglo-French treaty, which promoted free trade in Cobden Velikobritanii.V Parliament supported the key internal reforms such as the abolition of taxes on the publication of newspapers, universal free primary education. He played for a reduction in defense spending, to support the mediation mission, insisted on the reform of the Law of the Sea. Consistent opponent of the colonial policy of Great Britain, condemned the arrogant attitude to the weaker states, otvergalvmeshatelstvo in the affairs of other countries, opposed the Anglo-Chinese and the Crimean War. Cobden took an active part in international peace congresses, led by the National Society of the world. Among the works of Cobden - England, Ireland and the United States (England, Ireland and America, 1835); Russia (Russia, 1836); 1793 and 1853 (1793 and 1853, in Three Letters, 1853).

Cobden died in London on April 2, 1865.