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Date of Birth: 07/18/1950

Age: 66

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Richard Branson - Business in the style of the hippie

Richard Charles Nicholas Branson was born July 18, 1950 to a family of lawyers in London. His father, Edward James Branson, was a barrister, and his grandfather - a member of the Supreme Court and the Privy Council. In total, the family of the younger four children, two girls - Lindi and Vanessa, and two boys. Brother Richard, Ted, continued the family tradition and became a lawyer; but Richard was not at odds with school science (which he himself explains dyslexia). He likes the mother exercises - Eve Huntley Flindt appeared on stage, gliding trained and worked as a flight instructor escort, and she taught children to think for themselves and be active. The first attempts to Branson`s own business has taken during his school years - he started growing Christmas trees, then tried to breed budgerigars. Despite the fact that the son of parents supported the initiative, they did not bring profits. Replacing several schools and heard from the director of the last of them, he will be either a criminal or a millionaire, Richard went to London.

1967 was the heyday of the hippie movement, and Branson plunged this Wednesday. His new business idea - a magazine `` student - seemed absurd, because Richard was a student and never really did not read. However, in January 1968 the first issue of this magazine went on sale. Branson was able to attract the cooperation of the famous artist Gerald Scarfe, get free stuff from the John Lennon and Mick Jagger, and the magazine`s popularity has attracted the attention of advertisers. The next step was the sale of recordings Branson popular among the young artists. He bought on sale a few crumpled boxes of tapes with recordings were transported personally by their trading institutions, and then started selling them by mail. New business received Branson Virgin logo (virgin), reflecting its ignorance of business. However, he created trade policies (possibility of listening to recordings, extensive system of discounts) was a huge success and led to the discovery of a network of shops, as well as a recording studio, which is rented out to musicians. Richard happened trouble with the law - so, in 1971, his mother had to pawn the family home to help Richard to pay a fine for the violation of export laws and regulations.

At the same time Virgin Records studio became a launching pad for Michael Oldfield, Sex Pistols, other well-known avant-garde groups, and income derived from the sale of millions of copies of their records, laid the foundations for new activities Richard Branson. In 1984 he founded the airline Virgin Atlantic, in 1995 - the company Wireless Virgin Mobile, and two years later - the railway company Virgin Trains. A feature of the business empire Richard Branson has become a wide range of business areas, the number of which to date has already reached several hundred. Among his most unusual projects are founded in 2004, the company Virgin Galactic, which specializes in space tourism. Today the company has a deposit account and a private spaceport `Amerika` from which several suborbital launches carried out.

In 2006, Branson was named seventh on the list of the richest people in the UK, and his condition has reached 5 ppb dollars. Successful commercial projects he combined with personal hobbies. Richard was a dream prize `Blue lenta` that provide ocean liner crossing the Atlantic to set the record speed. After the first unsuccessful attempt in 1985, when for the salvation of his forces were involved in the British Air Force, Branson managed to set two world records: in 1986 on his own ship, and in 1987 at the world`s largest hot air balloon. In 1991, he set another record, breaking a balloon distance from Japan to Canada`s North. Last record Branson - is to overcome the Channel by car amphibian for 1 hour and 40 minutes in 2004. Branson - a frequent guest on television and in the reality show, mastermind of the creators of comics that often portray him as a villain. Descriptions egoshokiruyuschih actions without leaving the pages of the mass media: the creation of wedding brand Virgin Bride was mandated flight attendant, and his presentation Branson appeared dressed as a bride, but at the reception to the Queen, he went in a sweater and jeans.

Overcoming his school problems with dyslexia, Richard Branson was the author of seven books. Two of them have been translated into Russian: `Losing nevinnost` (1998), which essentially is his biography, and` Naked biznes` (2008), which reveals the secrets of his most risky and resonant projects. Branson was awarded a knighthood is honorary doctor of several universities and owner of prestigious international awards in various fields. He became the founder of an international organization `` The Elders, which combines complete his career of influential politicians, is actively engaged in the protection of the environment and the fight against drugs.

The first marriage with Kristen Tomassi Richard Branson joined in 1972. The couple broke up in 1979, when Richard had already tied a strong relationship with Joan Templmen. In the same year, Richard and Joan had a girl Claire, Sarah, who lived only four days. In 1980 they had a daughter, Holly, and in 1985 - the son of Peter. Marriage Richard and Joan joined in 1989 owned by Branson`s Necker Island, losing to insistent requests daughter.

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