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Date of Birth: 1954

Age: 61

Citizenship: United States


Richard of "Silicone"

At this time, the change in the leadership Microsoft did not occur at the highest level, but gde-to very close, between Gates and Ballmer. In 1999, the company held its own restructuring, in which the units were combined into four groups. Group "Consumer Products", which includes units engaged in projects MSN, WebTV, Expedia and the MSNBC, headed by Richard Belluzzo. At the head of the other groups stood Mulyana Bob, Paul Moritz and Jim Allchin. All these and some other managers - the so-called "people of Steve." So, Richard Belluzzo was invited Ballmer, with whom he has known for more than 14 years.

47-year-old Belluzzo joined Microsoft in 1999 and has since become one of the main members of the group of senior executives (Senior Leadership Team), which develops the basic directions of activity of Microsoft. In the same year, at the initiative of Steve Ballmer has been created a new governing body - a group of heads of departments (Business Leadership Team), composed of 15 people. The new structure replaces the company`s executive committee since December 1996 fulfill the role of the supreme body of decision-making. Belluzzo is one of 15 managers engaged in strategic and business planning of the company.

Following the "Consumer Products" Belluzzo led a group of "Personal Services and Devices." And now he was appointed president and managing director of the company. Steve Ballmer announced the appointment on 14 February. Place COO Rick Belluzzo lost to 58-year-old Bob Herbold, who has decided to reduce the range of their responsibilities at Microsoft.

Belluzzo The responsibilities include the development of business strategy and management of the operational activities of the company, management of commercial, marketing and business development, and management of a number of new enterprises the Microsoft, including the X-Box and MSN. More on Belluzzo is responsible for defining the company`s strategy in the field of mobile communication and television.

Who are you?

We can not say that Rick Belluzzo - cult personality. But where he came from and what has earned the trust of Steve Ballmer and probably Bill Gates?

Belluzzo finished the accounting department of the University business Golden Gate with the degree of Bachelor of Science. He is known for a wealth of experience in management and finance. For Belluzzo worked for Hewlett-Packard for 23 years during which time he held various financial and marketing positions - before, in 1987, he headed the division for the production of laser printers. And in all these years Belluzzo did not rise to the level of senior management of the computer giant. However, for many years of work in the HP Belluzzo has acquired valuable experience for Microsoft to create a powerful brand. At the time, Rick put a lot of effort to ensure that printers and related products from Hewlett-Packard were the most common among consumers. The strategy included the promotion of HP products to sell them under the brand names DeskJet, LaserJet and ScanJet. Thus, in Belluzzo HP business printers for the production successfully transformed from a sluggish niche characterized by slow growth and high difference between the purchase and the sale value, in the fast-growing gold mines printer, paper and ink. For Microsoft very useful analytical skills Belluzzo: they help to choose the right partners among manufacturers of computer hardware, which products are most suitable for Microsoft Internet business.

In 1998, a surprise for all was the decision to leave the HP Belluzzo. It has puzzled many, choosing a new place of work of Silicon Graphics. However, there he was promoted to Executive Director, formerly owned by a terminated in autumn 1997. Ed Mc Cracken.

It remains unclear why Belluzzo has agreed to take the post of executive director of SGI. After 23 years of work in the Hewlett-Packard, he is well settled in the high positions in the company, managing its powerful division. Say, that Belluzzo could not put up with a strategy leader HP Lewis Platt, too slow to transition to the Internet direction. At the same time, many analysts do not really believe in the activity of the active thirst Belluzzo and adhere to the next version of the reasons for his departure: Rick knew that he would never get to the place, HP CEO and decided to make this post even gde-nibud.

Get and sign

When in January 1998, Belluzzo came to SGI, was expected to rescue the company for new ideas. Then Silicon Graphics has been a lot of problems. Compaq Computer and Dell Computer with its inexpensive computers interfere with the company to get a workstation market, and Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard and IBM pushed her out of the segment of high-performance servers.

Belluzzo cut the staff of the company, he has closed some areas of work and separated SGI`s business related to the production of microprocessors MIPS. And yet the company continued to incur significant losses. For the half year tenure as Executive Director of Silicon Graphics, Richard could not beat the financial downturn, when huge losses to undermine the once very successful company and was deprived of her leadership (in 1999, SGI has lost 830 ppm dollars in sales volume of 2.3 ppb dollars) .

When in January 1998, SGI has announced the arrival of the company Belluzzo, its shares were sold at $ 12. At the time of leaving Costa Rica in August 1999. The value of shares fell to $ 5. Of course, we can not say that Belluzzo did not do anything good for the Silicon Graphics. He gave the company a new name - SGI, allocated the production of processors in an independent business, streamlined line of high-performance graphics workstations and servers (unheard) released the "Silicone" with the Pentium processor.

Surprise ...

In August 1999, SGI was decided to conduct a large-scale reorganization, aimed at restoring the company after two years of financial distress. And when it seemed for SGI losing streak is over, all of a sudden it was announced his departure from the company`s executive director Richard Belluzzo. It happened after 2 weeks after the announcement of "perestroika" of the plan.

SGI itself did not comment on care Belluzzo, saying only that it was his personal decision. Analysts again did not have a unanimous opinion on the action Belluzzo. Of course, many had not like the decision Belluzzo. In their view, to leave the company on the verge of global change, when she most needed the support of his head, it was not very nice. Among analysts prevailed two ways of looking at maintenance Rica: either he realized the futility of his two-year effort, or future changes in the degree of difficulty surpassed his expectations. Realizing how many rumors would cause his departure from the company in such a crucial moment, Belluzzo also commented on his act. And that`s how it looked: "I just feel that we have achieved very significant progress in the development of the SGI. We have determined the way for its further promotion. Now and in the company, and I had a good opportunity to give impetus to a new beginning."

about the importance of professional development

So, in the summer of the year before last Belluzzo was the captain of a sinking in the waters of the Silicon Valley of the ship under the name Silicon Graphics, but then Microsoft itself invited him to lead the company`s activities in the field of the Internet. Sensations Belluzzo should be akin to those as if he had died, and then ascended to heaven. And neither well-behaved citizen should not reproach his current well-being: for Richard to Microsoft experienced real suffering.

Belluzzo gave a promise to complete the restructuring in the SGI, but forgot about it as soon as an old friend of Rick Steve Ballmer suggested that he do a revival of Microsoft Network project. When Belluzzo says himself in the time of the decision on the transition at Microsoft, he said that while the time "was at that stage career when he wanted to leave with his head to the Internet, and the new work could give him this opportunity."

Selection of candidates Belluzzo caused contradictory responses. Belluzzo, of course, a good leader, but he is not one of those who grew up on the Internet, or participated in the creation kakoy-nibud large Internet companies. But according to CFO Steven SGI Homo, anyone could succeed at such a great base, like the Microsoft, Belluzzo and only with his experience and talent - all the more.

As reported, Belluzzo was not the first and not the only one chosen by Microsoft and also had no experience in the field of the Internet. Nevertheless, he was able to prove its advantages over other contenders. Due to professional mobility, manifested in transactions, and practicality Belluzzo made his story of Pygmalion - has made a few clumsy at first MSN service in an excellent online portal.

MSN began in 1995 as an online service, a rival to America Online. She was supposed to replace even the Internet users. When the original plan failed, MSN has become a common Internet service. But this new idea has not justified itself. At the time of visiting Microsoft Rick Belluzzo in September 1999 (after 7 months of searching online head-direction) MSN was able to find the most effective ways to confront its main competitors - the portals AOL and Yahoo.

Belluzzo decided to make MSN "Web every day" - a portal that will facilitate the users to the process of making online purchases, pay bills and communicate with friends. The most attractive part of the new strategy was mail service Hotmail, a powerful new search engine, advanced services messaging - MSN Messenger, and website for small businesses who want to work on the Internet, - bCentral.

Belluzzo also with Microsoft in order to increase traffic to its portal tied partnerships with companies such as NBC (there was a joint venture MSNBC) and Ford Motor. At the same time, the Corporation continued to get rid of those parts of MSN, which required too costly (Expedia and OE).

multicolored butterfly - in February last year in connection with the launch of MSN advertising campaign and presented the new logo of the service was launched. All this fun cost Microsoft 150 ppm dollars. However, judging by the number of new subscribers MSN, expenses paid off. Today, the portal services are used by people in 33 countries, speaking 17 languages. Yet before Belluzzo is a problem to make a lucrative internet business Microsoft.

Analysts variously estimated the first year Belluzzo at Microsoft. Some recognize its success in resuscitation and MSN in the future withdrawn Rica a key role in the leadership Microsoft. Others say they expected more from a man with such a professional luggage. And, nevertheless, I went to the second year of its work in the company, and his new position, the envy of many. Belluzzo said that the current position of Microsoft in the market for it opens up huge opportunities for growth, and this year, Rick is waiting for a new goods and services.

Deja vu

Basically joining Microsoft to Belluzzo - is to some extent a return home. After all, while working at HP, Belluzzo was constantly looking for the way to create an alliance with the giant. And so, being in a constant search for common interests, Belluzzo became a fan of Microsoft`s strategy to promote its operating system. In mid-1997, some newspapers even wrote (albeit on the basis of their own thoughts) about the upcoming appearance of HP-UX - versions of Unix from Hewlett-Packard. A year later, Belluzzo has worked in Silicon Graphics, and trying to turn it into a manufacturer of workstations based on Windows NT. Belluzzo strategy did not pay off, but Microsoft began to look at Rico as a devotee man in his camp (if not in his pocket).

In addition, over time Belluzzo became just such a specialist, who was Microsoft needs to implement its strategy in the field of e-commerce.

The newly made President and COO, Belluzzo becomes a potential successor to CEO Steve Ballmer, in his time succeeded Bill Gates. Now by Belluzzo expect that he will close the development and promotion of business related to MSN, and add to the network of about 3 million new users.

Belluzzo was the main person in the company entrusted with helping to deal Ballmer in Microsoft empire. It seems that Steve already "enjoyed" all the charms of a giant leadership, and he has a chance to prove himself as a senior executive. Ballmer is going to pass Belluzzo the bulk of administrative work, to pay more attention to the development strategy of the company.

However, one can say that with the regular personnel changes in Microsoft history repeats itself. The fact is that when Gates handed the post of executive director of Ballmer, he obviously wanted to absolve themselves of everyday concerns and do what he likes - the development of programs. It can not be said of Ballmer: Belluzzo it transmits only a portion of their cases, but it should be noted, the most difficult. For example, Belluzzo on the duty to resolve all issues related to the trial on the case of the monopoly of Microsoft (at this stage, the Ministry of Justice is particularly interested in 135-million investment in the company`s group of Corel, WordPerfect whose tough competition package Microsoft Office).

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