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American photographer ,famous minimalist black-and- white portraits of celebrities. In his obituary, published in `The New York Times` after Avedon `s death, it was said that his portraits and fashion photographs helped define American style image of beauty and culture of the past half century.

Richard Avedon was born May 15, 1923 in New York, in RussoJewish family. He studied at the School of DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, which in those days was a school only for boys, and worked on the school newspaper, together with the future playwright and novelist James Baldwin. After high school, Richard studied at Columbia University, but visited him briefly - in 1942-m Avedon joined photographer in the merchant navy, where taking photos on the documents for the camera crew `Rolleiflex`, donated by her father. In 1944, Avedon has found a place advertising photographer in a large department store, and it was lucky - his work caught the eye of Alexey Brodovitch, the art director of fashion magazine `Harper

`S Bazaar`.Renowned photographer Lillian Bassman also contributed a lot in the career of Richard `Harper`s Bazaar`.

In 1946, Avedon got his own studio and began to publish photos in a variety of journals, including `Vogue` and ` Life`, and became the chief photographer `Harper`s Bazaar`. Richard did not like the standard technique fashion photographers of the time,whose models were to remain indifferent and devoid of emotions for the camera. Instead, Avedon demanded of its models as much as possible of emotions - laughter, smiles and movement.

In 1966, Avedon left `Harper`s Bazaar` for office staff photographer in ` Vogue` and soon became the chief photographer. Since 1973 and 1985 ,he took most of the covers `Vogue`.

In addition to the main work in the fashion business, Avedon willingly undertook social projects. He photographed patients of psychiatric hospitals, members of the civil rights movement in 1963, demonstrators protesting against the Vietnam War, the fall of the Berlin Wall. Is he -author of two of the most famous photo shoots `The Beatles` in 1967 and 1968, based on which the posters were made. One of the most famous projects was a series Avedon ` In the US Zapade` - portraits of ordinary miners, cowboys, fishermen, oil workers, the unemployed and young people, who just happened to Richard in the eye. In 1992, Avedon became the first staff photographer `The New Yrker`. He was the holder of many awards, including the award ` Master fotografii` from the International Center of Photography, ` Nadar` Prize in 1994 for his book ` Dokazatelstvo` and Medal of the Royal Photographic Society in 2003.

Interesting,in 1957 came the musical romantic comedy ` Funny mordashka` with Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn in the lead roles. Fred Astaire played a popular fashion photographer Dick Avery in which discernible features of Richard Avedon. Avedon, by the way, gave some of his photos for this production, including the famous portrait of Audrey Hepburn ,which are only visible to the eyes, eyebrows and lips of the actress, but do not know it is impossible. Audrey Hepburn was mzoy Avedon, admired her beauty and talent, throughout the 50s and 60s.

In 1944, Avedon married Dorcas Nowell, who later became the model under the name Prior Avedon, but five years later the couple parted. In 1951-m, he married a second time, Evelyn Franklin, with whom he lived in `53. Their son John Avedon became a writer and expert on Tibet. Actor Loren Avedon, who prefers martial arts movies - nephew Richard.

Richard Avedon died on October 1, 2004 of a brain hemorrhage in San Antonio, Texas, during the filming of `The New Yorker`.At the time of his death, he also worked on a new project ` Demokratiya` of the 2004 presidential election in the United States

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