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Date of Birth: 07/22/1968

Age: 48

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Christina Minasian

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Rhys Ifans was born on July 22th 1968 in the UK - in the family of teachers. Rice grew up in North Wales and received his primary education at school Ysgol Pentrececleyn, where his mother worked.

After - Evans entered the school Ysgol Maes Garmon.

After some more time, he began to study acting in various youth theater associations.

In 1990, the year of Rhys Ifans (Rhys Ifans), took part in the creation of children`s quiz and then attracted the attention of admirers.

After - Figure participated more in mass television projects, and only then began to actively act in films and play in London`s Royal National Theatre. In addition, Evans for some time played in a rock band Super Furry Animals, demonstrating talent and vocalist.

Among the works of the actor`s mid-nineties and the beginning of the new millennium - roles in such films as Streetlife (1995), August (1996), Twin Town (1997), Dancing at Lughnasa (1998), Heart (1999), Rancid Aluminium (2000) .

Among the latter, the most prominent television work Rhys Evans (Rhys Ifans) - participated in such films as Kevin and Perry Go Large (2000), The Replacements (2000), The 51st State (2001), Vanity Fair (2004), Hannibal Rising ( 2007).

In 2005, the year he won BAFTA Figure prestigious prize - for the role of comedian Peter Cook in the TV film Not Only But Always.

By the way, in the same year Evans has appeared in a video clip of a rock band Oasis - filmed for the song The Importance of Being Idle - and at the same time won the award Video Of the Year. No wonder, because Rhys Ifans (Rhys Ifans) already had experience of this kind of activity - he starred in music videos God! Show Me Magic, Hometown unicorn (for the group Super Furry Animals), as well as - in clips Mulder & Scully (Catatonia for groups) and Mama Told Me Not To Come (for Stereophonics group).

In December 2006, Rice once again appeared on the London stage (the last time he played in the theater in 2003 and it) and again struck the theater fans an extraordinary game.

Since 2007, the year the actor was performing as part of the Welsh psychedelic rock band, The Peth, the first concert which took place on September 28th of 2008 - in a popular concert hall in Britain Southampton Soul Cellar.

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