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Citizenship: Georgia

Revaz Gachechiladze: Tel Aviv - beautiful, but Tbilisi - best

How, in your opinion, the diplomats are born or made? What was your path to politics?

Only poets are born. And all the rest have to achieve himself.

I became a diplomat, we can say, casually. I studied at the Faculty of Oriental Studies of Tbilisi State University. Of course, I thought, "Oh, it would be nice to be a diplomat!" But at the time Georgian was an elusive goal, because the "fifth point" there was not only for Jews, but also for other "natsmenov" (representatives of national minorities). The children of the union republics there MGIMO was impossible.

Then I somehow forgot about the idea, and began to do things quite "normal": headed the department of socio-economic and political geography of TSU.

In the late 60`s - our department began to prepare young people for work abroad. And then many of our graduates went to work in the trade offices abroad. And after Georgia became independent - the embassy. In general, many of my students were in the diplomatic service much earlier than me.

How many people from Georgia living in Israel?

Georgian Jews about one hundred thousand lives here. However, if blindly follow the letter of the law, not all of them are from Georgia still some left from the Soviet Union. And a whole generation of Georgians have grown in Israel, who were born here. Ethnic Georgians, who retained citizenship of Georgia - typed five hundred ... There are illegal immigrants, but they have somehow side.

Will Georgia recognize dual citizenship?

Do not recognize. And who recognize? Russia also does not recognize.

By the way, since you mentioned Russia. The Embassy of Georgia are also the same line as the Russian Embassy?

There are summer when people stretches to Georgia to visit relatives. Our all you see on the street - we have a waiting room, which can accommodate about fifty people, and most of us and do not happen.

Can a simple man "from the street" to get you an audience? And if so, how much it will have to wait?

We can meet virtually on the same day, when he addressed. If I am free, no longer meet with someone, then a person can get to my office. And this applies not only to the citizens of Georgia - any Israeli can meet me.

Can I ask you: are you - a Jew?

I have to be honest: I - not a Jew. I have no one in the family of Jews. I am Georgian.

You say that you do not learn diplomacy, how do you know the subtleties of diplomatic etiquette?

This is exactly the kind of thing I have learned! I kept the book still in his student years, "Diplomatic Practice". I took her with him to Israel. In addition, when we studied at the Institute of English, that we had a program devoted to the diplomatic etiquette. Well, some details I learned into practice.

You adhere strictly to etiquette, or sometimes allow yourself to deviate from the rules?

You know, in Israel, is not very strictly adhere to the diplomatic etiquette. I feel quite comfortable here. For example, in Israel, the diplomat can go to the shirt with short sleeves and no tie. I even saw that many officials go to sandals. This is in other countries you will never see.

You will not irritate the Israeli punctuality? The fact that no event begins at the appointed time, whether it be a briefing, press conference, a diplomatic reception or a concert ... Some "Russian Israelis" still can not get used to it ...

From what?! I recently discovered that sometimes concerts start on time. For example, recently I was invited to a concert of Georgian Jews in Bat Yam. I`m out of habit, knowing that all the activities begin an hour later, he decided to pick flowers in Jaffa. When we approached the hall ten minutes later, I was still reassured his wife that still show starts earlier than forty minutes. Entering the hall - and the idea has already begun! I was very surprised