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Perhaps the most mysterious artist on this site, "Residents", throughout his career, so never and did not open the names and faces of its participants. In public, the musicians always appear in tuxedos,high hats and masks in the form of a large eyeball. "Resident" The interview also trying not to give too much. According to the official version of the team was based in sunny California, San Francisco, where in the early `70s, four participants gathered. The name of the group received when she returned the first demolentu,sent to the "Warner Bros", with a note "for the attention of residents". And not finding firmwhich would attach their creations "Residents" founded his label "Ralph Records".

In 1972 came the first EP "Santa Dog", published an edition of 300 copies. They were sent to various well-known personalities,ranging from Frank Zappa and ending with President Nixon. In 1973, they released their first LP "Meet the Residents", sales of which were literally immediately suspended due to the envelope, on which was depicted "Beatles" with vampire teeth.

Residents next release 1974 "Not Available" was an excursion into neoclassicism.In accordance with its name plate was published only four years after its entry.Meanwhile, the next stepped studiynik "Third Reich` N` Roll" in 1976, is a collection of golden hits of pop music, past the original processing. On kontsverte Hitler adorned with carrot in his hand. In the same year, the first "live" concert of "resident."Musicians could not be seen, they are hidden behind a large screen TV, which projected some mummies. In total for the first 10 years it has passed only three concerts" Residents ". Becoming a cult underground band, the band in the late 70 `s released three albums," Duck Stab / Buster & Glen ", a collection of tunes Arctic" Eskimo "and 40 -minute compilation of commercials "Commercial Album".

Home 80 -x was marked by a series of prog -rock records - "The Mark of the Mole", "The Tunes of Two Cities" and "The Big Bubble", the theme of the battle between the fictional and the tribes Molov Chabov.

ResidentsTakzhe in 1984 startoala series "American composer",which includes the processing of compositions by Gershwin, James Brown, Elvis Presley, Hank Williams and others. After a temporary interruption due to the closure of their label, "Residents" came with the album "Freak Show", representing a meditation on the theme of the circus and carnival music.Through the "Freak Show" for four years with some interactive additions it was reissued on CD-ROM. In 1996 I left the disc "The Residents Have a Bad Day", which included the soundtrack for the game "Bad Day on the Midway". His twenty-fifth group noted the release of a retrospective compilation "Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses".In 2000 he released DVD "Icky Flix", which included a selection of videos, as well as early and new tracks.

The video presents one of the few tours "Residents" and a joint performance with singer Molly Harvey. In the spring of 2002 came another retrospective collection, "The Petting Zoo".

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