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The beginnings of one of the world `s fastest team showed in 1984. It was then in Flint (Michigan) under the guise of " Tempter " came Scott Carlson (vocals) , Matt Olivo (guitar) , Sean McDonald (bass), Matt Diffin (guitar) and James Oaten (drums) , playing all sorts of covers of " Iron maiden " to " GBH ".

Soon Diffin departed from the team, and the place appeared Oteng Phil Haynes. Signboards also changed ,first on "Ultraviolence", and later - on "Genocide". By this time, the musical collective priorities were clear - a clear influence felt "Slayer", "Venom", "Voivod", "Celtic frost" and the like. And the lyrics were inspired by the content - type horror films "Evil dead", "Re-animator", "Dawn of the dead".The quartet released a demo and made the opening act for "Slayer", after which the composition of the beginning of a fever with terrible force. The upshot was that the project fell into a coma, and Carlson and Olivo went to the "Death". However, they had no chance to Schuldiner how to play, and the boys returned to his native Michigan, reviving the "Genocide" with drummer Dave Hollingshead. RepulsionV October 1985, the band recorded a demo of "Violent death", whose style could be described as deathcore. Also, the team from time to time appeared in the vicinity of Michigan, warming such bands as the "Corrosion of conformity" and "D.R.I.". After recording another demo, "The stench of burning death",the band had to change the sign to "Repulsion", because around are simply too many " genocide ". Meanwhile, the labels did not show any interest in such extreme music, which professed gang and the guys decided to make a record on their own. Sessions debut album, which took place in a tiny studio, cost them only 300 bucks. Material "Slaughter of the innocent" consisted of eight new tracks and a dozen songs, attending the demos. Fans embraced the underground release properly, but the recording company continued to get "Repulsion" party. Disappointed Dave left, he was replaced by Tom Puro, but soon the team, having played in September 1986-of his last concert, it was dissolved.

RepulsionReyunion took place a year later at the request of an old friend Doug Earp group, who helped her sve time money. But the activity of "Repulsion" again soon come to naught. Another comeback took place when their music expressed interest in English " extremist " gang " by Carcass ` Bill Steer and Jeff Walker ,decided to publish the "Slaughter of the innocent" in the "Earache". The album was re- mixed and released in June 1989 under the name "Horrified". After receiving such support "Repulsion" resumed the concert as part of Carlson (vocals, bass) , Olivo (guitar) , Aaron Freeman (guitar) and Dave Graves (drums) .

True,Matt soon raked the army and the gang continued to operate in a trio format. Musicians eagerly awaited when their colleague will delay the military strap and slowly preparing new material. Upon returning Matt`s "Repulsion" pozapisyvatsya tried a little, but Olivo something lost interest in the case and the project has once again collapsed. Once again, the team rose from the ashes in 2003, appearing on metalfeste in Milwaukee.

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