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Date of Birth: 04/26/1906

Age: 31

Place of birth: Munich

Citizenship: Germany


Renate Muller was born on April 26, 1906 in Munich. Her father, a historian and philologist Karl Muller, worked as chief editor in M ??& # 252 newspaper; nchener Neueste Nachrichten, the mother was fond of painting. In 1914 Renata`s family moved to Danzig, and in ten years - in Berlin, where her father was appointed to the Berliner Tageblatt newspaper.


Before finishing high school, Renata began to attend the school of acting, where one of her teachers was a famous German-Austrian film director Georg Wilhelm Pabst. Successfully passing an examination in March 1925, Renata joined the troupe Harzer Bergtheater in Thale, where Pabst worked as a director, and made her debut on stage in the role of Helena in the play "Midsummer Night`s Dream" by Shakespeare`s play.


A few years Renata quite successfully performed in the theater, then in 1928 it drew attention to the director Reinhold Shunzel and offered to star in the comedy "Peter-sailor," where he played a major role. In 1930 she took part in the social film "Mutiny in the education building" based on the play by Peter Martin Lampela, who two years earlier had been staged in the theater and caused a heated debate. Renata is fairly easy to make a transition to talkies. Her first sound film was the 1930 romance "Love in the ring", where she played the role of the bride`s boxer Max Schmeling (he played a role in the film itself). With good vocal, Renata often played music scenes, and her song from the 1931 film "Private Secretary" became popular hits.

The flourishing film career Renata came in the 1931 & # 8722; 1933 years. During this period, the screens came out five or six movies a year with her participation, it was mostly light, ironic comedy. The actress starred in Reinhold often Shunzelya. In total, they have released eight films, and the most popular of these was the 1933 comedy "Victor and Victoria", where Renata appeared in the role of singer Suzanne Laure, which forced acts under a man`s name, and because of that gets into various funny situations.

Recent years

Since 1934 the actress`s career went into decline. It was still popular with the public, but because of the refusal to cooperate with the Nazis, and to appear in propaganda films has virtually disappeared from the screen. The situation was aggravated by the fact that while Renata was having an affair with a Jewish banker. On the wave of nationalist sentiment in Germany, he was forced to emigrate, and the actress was going through difficult separation.

Renata became overcome depression, she became addicted to morphine and alcohol, suffered bouts of epilepsy. Eventually it identified for treatment at one of the resorts in Berlin, and October 1, 1937 Renate Muller died in unclear circumstances. Early death of actress - she was barely crossed thirty abroad - has caused a lot of rumors. Outlined in the papers the official version stated that her death was caused by an overdose of sleeping pills, but according to another hypothesis, the actress committed suicide by jumping from a window. Regardless of the manner in which Renata took his own life, I do not know what could have impelled her to this act - depression, loneliness, or conflict with the authorities.

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