Renata Litvinova

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Date of Birth: 01/12/1967

Age: 49

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

A man is not made for sorrow

Author: Elena Kartseva

Website: Celebrities

It is with the same diligence refers to what he says and what you will wear. For this girl a compliment. It can not be called a defenseless, but everyone wants to take care of. And she? She just always does what he wants. She arranged. At least so it seems from the outside. And the soul, it does not let anyone, even herself. Diaries, for example, is that I was very surprised.

And recently, a girl who was not afraid after Doroninskoye breaths-exhalations ( "Once Again About Love") play in his own way one of the best film history about love ( "Sky. Plane. Girl"), has mentioned that he wants privacy, silence, acting the way it is not interesting ... But we met just at the point where she is very well and says hand, on the set. In the film by Alexei Balabanov "I`m not hurt," Renata Litvinova plays the main character, whose principal content - love.

Location filming - St. Petersburg. Balabanov emphasizes that the history of St. Petersburg, with all the signs of the city and the time which it now stands. The frame will be a lot of water - canals, bridges, Neva. Water will be for all the windows, which would be in frame. But if the director Peter - the city, which gives strength, the actress he produces only the longing and consuming power. It Renata me at the very end of the conversation said: "Peter such a depressing city. I am here on the third day is already beginning to mourn. " "How can you compete with that?" - I asked. "How can you deal with grief? .. - She said. - It can only be given. But consciously I do not want to be sad. I think this has some demonic, and it is wrong for a man. Man is not made for sadness ... Though sadness - is also very beautiful feeling ... "

- Yes, I`m doing right now is only one project in Leschi and not inclined to deepen her acting biography - Renata confirmed the rumors.

- And then what comes first for you?

- You mean in the profession?

- No, in general, in life.

- I need some time, that I belonged to myself. Transformed into a popular actress I do not want. And my profession (recall that Litvinova graduated from the scriptwriting faculty of VGIK -. EK), and I myself assume a certain moment of solitude. Solitude with the people I love. On that I have in view of employment physically do not have time. And there is an enormous sense of guilt ...

- Recently in one TV show you a little bit sad given the fate of your character in the film, where you are now removed, accidentally or on purpose? Balabanov is certainly asked not to do so ...

- Outstanding, yes .. I`m actually trying to hide it, but, you see, it breaks out?. But on the other hand, all of these stories about love quite commonplace. Maybe, in this and there is no ban ... After all, they all end up more or less sad.

- All of your character, for at least the last, dying. You are not afraid to play them?

- Well, in the end, we all die. It`s a matter of time. As such, I have this theme is not scary. I do it more or less ready. It`s just not scary for someone who is dying. And for someone who is. And it`s not a big pain to me. And I really, really take into account ... But this is any such jungle ...

- Returning to the cinema and love. They say that if there is no "chemistry" between the actors, even in the frame of love is not to be seen ...

- If you yourself came up with some of the second layer, it is much easier to play.

- Before playing with Sasha Yatsenko, the scenario to which you are love, you somehow have studied it? Viewed performances in "Snuff", where he plays, or his latest film "Soldier`s Decameron" Andrew Proshkina?

- No. Maybe even sometimes do not need to do this - to look at the role of the actor. In this case I`m going for the director and ultimately accept his position. I do believe that it is devastating - too ponder and analyze what you offer director.

- How did you get into the role? Here Nathalie Baye told me in an interview that she was reading the script, and then locked in the house for a month - no one sees, but the script is no longer suitable. After a month in my head all by itself it is formed and ready to role.

- I would not want to live the life of an artist, which exists from image to image, and locked in their homes. Yes, I can not believe such a large value as Nathalie Baye.

- In one of your interviews I read: "I love good people and do not like the bad." Who`s bad? Who is good? For you?

- I always ask: Do you like people? I always say, well, how can I not love people? I love those who seem good to me. In principle, I do not believe that there is absolutely bad or absolutely good men. I believe that there is a holy people. I want to believe it. Well, everyone else can not be subject to purely good or bad. In this case I`m talking about the people that I love and that can cause something in me ...

But to hate someone, this is not me. If sometimes occurs very spontaneously ...

- You know how they say when you start to analyze the person whom you love, it destroys love. Therefore, it is not necessary to do so. It turns out, love - is still forgiving?

- When you love the other person really .. Yes, while other laws are working. I know people have had moments of passion, and then they hate each other.

But true love means precisely the time of sacrifice. It seems to me, is what distinguishes true love from the unreal.

- And you have sacrificed their lives in something for the sake of love?

- Well, of course. It is an immutable law, I think. If you like, you still willing to do anything and that sacrifice brings you happiness. Human Love nourishes, makes it more qualitative. Sometimes love is destructive, but then it is not love. So, one of the two does not love.

- I think one positive nothing happens ...

- You must have this experience. Yes of course. So you`re in my life had to go through such an experience. You this, so somewhere to move. I basically like to experience life as a succession of some lessons.

- So you still are analyzing?

- Yes, I do not want to consider what is happening to me from a negative point of view. Just as a lesson of some sort. But I`m not inclined to analyze. I always say that I have no logic. And I criticize people who have a more logical way of thinking. I have a feeling, intuition to choose ... Though, probably, and logic to be developed.

- Are you keeping a diary?

- That`s never led. There`s something about it...

- It seemed to me, in the "Goddess" many diary.

- In this case, yes, in that there are some of my thoughts ... I then still be analyzed and understood that there was some kind of madness with this scenario. It`s debut, and I wanted to immediately remove a lot of movies. And it consists of many. It begins as a realistic detective, then as a thriller, then do some kind of melodrama. Then Mystic. Ends poetic way. From some creative greed, I tried to collect all.

- Do you regret?

- No.

- In general regret about something in your life?

- Well no. Even if these feelings appear in one point, and then realize that it had to be done. And then it is destructive - sorry. I can only regret that it is impossible to return. On the men departed. And everything else ... If this does not end with death, in principle ... It should probably teach you.

- Let`s go back to the movie. If you decide to end his acting career, after all why did agree to appear here?

- I am interested in this Lesha as a director. Because a movie about love - quite unexpected and paradoxical experience for him. He is listed in our brutal directors. He opened the topic of gangster stories, developed it and closed for himself. And I even think this will not be back.

- And what, after all this he has such a romantic love story happen?

- Well, I do not know. Perhaps something happened to Lesha. In this case, I`m just in the hands of his instrument, which he picked up and enjoyed. And he draws a system of values ??that is love for him.

- So you completely obey him?

- Absolutely. I think if you choose the director and agree to be an artist, that you give your body, your voice, your organic matter, all your senses ...

- On you will not affect the fact that you were on the other side of the camera, removing the "Goddess"?

- No. But then somehow it did not have to agree. If I understand that I will not submit to the director, and I do not work with him.