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Date of birth: 25.06.1985

Age: 31

Citizenship: Russia


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Renat Kadyrov graduated in 2008 from the Theater School. MS Shchepkin, where he studied on a course at V.I.Korshunova. Among the graduation performance of the actor were: "Days of Turbines" by Mikhail Bulgakov (Myshlaevsky), "School for Scandal" Sheridan F. (Sir Oliver), "Love - Golden Book" by A. Tolstoy (Serpukhov Prince), "Summer and Smoke" T. Williams (Papa Gonzales).

After graduation, Renat Kadyrov was accepted into the troupe of the theater "Sphere". Here he is busy starring Albert and pilot Major vspektakle "Confession Rose" C. de Saint-Exupery and Trumfa role in the play "Princess Podschipa" Krylov.

Sergeant Potter

For the first time on screen Renat Kadyrov appeared in an episode of "Soldiers" series. Then he was still a student at the Shchukin School. A year later, at one of the graduation performances Renata came producer of the new project "The Kremlin cadets" (continuation "Kadetstvo" the popular series). He invited several graduates in the casting. As a result, once five classmates were approved in the series: three in the leading roles (in addition to Renata Kadyrov More Dyachkovsky Sergey and Denis BERESNEV) and two on the episodes.

Renat Kadyrov got the role of a junior sergeant Sergei Gonchar. Talking about his character, the actor said that they were with him in something like, first of all - its simplicity, frankness, their attitude to the people: "It is a very interesting character, we really similar to him. For me this is the most positive character in the TV series: it open, direct, he is a man, first of all, the soul, not the brain. This is my credo in life - include the brain only in specific situations, but otherwise act on a whim, as the heart prompts. My character is such that he is naive like a child, and it is, in principle, I am. Well, I`ll be a little more serious in life, but it is easier, and this complexity - free yourself and do not go to the folk tune ".


2007 soldiers, 12 - series

2008 soldiers, 14 - series

2009 Kremlin cadets - series

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