Rembert Dodoens

Picture of Rembert Dodoens

Date of Birth: 06/29/1517

Age: 67

Place of birth: Mechelen

Nationality: Netherlands


The literature in Russian there are various spellings of the names of the scientist - Doduns [11], Dodoens [11], Dodon [11], Dodoneus [12], Dodons.

Doduns Rembert was born in Mechelen June 29, 1517. It is also possible that Rembert Doduns was born in 1518.

Doduns studied medicine at various European universities. August 9, 1530 Rembert Doduns began his first studies in the University of Leuven. September 10, 1535 Doduns received a degree in oblastimeditsiny. In 1538 Rembert Doduns became a doctor of medical sciences. From 1548 he was a doctor in his hometown of Mechelen, doing at the same time, astronomy, geography, but especially botany.

With 1574 on 1579 Rembert Doduns was private physician of Emperor Maximilian II in Vienna, and from 1582 Doduns held the chair at the Medical Faculty in Leiden and was a professor of medicine.

Doduns was one of the first scientists who tried to free science from the shackles of scholasticism and pay it to the study of nature.

In his writings, he gave detailed descriptions and illustrations of native plants. Doduns also tried to improve the classification of plants, dividing them into 6 groups.

The paper Rembert Dodunsa Cruijdeboeck, which for two centuries served as a classic reference book on botany, one of the six groups of plants make up the mushrooms and are classified according to various criteria: shape, toxicity, and the season arrives.

Rembert Doduns died in Leiden 10 March 1585.