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Cuban poet, novelist, playwright.

I grew up without a father in a large and impoverished rural family. It took the Cuban Revolution ,studied at the University of Havana (did not finish the course) , he worked at the National Library. In connection with the publication abroad suffered during the second half of 1960 gross ideological elaboration. Full of historical allusions grotesquely satirical novel about the Mexican Inquisition persecuted poets of the early XIX century, monahe-Dominican Friar Servando " Dreams World" (1966, publ. 1969 was marked by an authoritative jury, which included J. Lezama Lima) by decision of party officials denied prize. RA supervised became, in 1973, was arrested on charges of homosexuality, he spent two years in prison Morro. From 1980 he lived in exile in the United States. In 1987 at the Arenas was discovered AIDS,after a long battle with illness he is in heavy physical state committed suicide, poisoning by barbiturates.

The novel " Celestino before sunrise ," " Palace of the white skunks ", " Again sea ", " Colors of Summer " and " Storm", distinguished atmosphere of the carnival of the absurd, allegorical roll call of past and present ,uncompromising criticism of any harassment, made the cycle " of the Pentagon. " In the novel " Arturo, the brightest among the stars " (1987) depicts daily life in Cuba correctional camps - they also said the documentary Nestor Almendros " bad behavior" (1984, in an episode that shot Reinaldo Arenas ;footage involving Arenas also included in a documentary Manuel Zayas " Strange People ", 2004). Arenas Prose translated into many languages.

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