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Bassist band Korn.

Redzhinald " Fieldy " Arvizu (. English Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu, November 2, 1969) - The bass player band Korn.

Before Fieldy Korn founded L.A.P.D. groupRichard Morrell (another Bakersfield native unrelated to Korn), and Munky and David Silveria, who later together with Fieldy became the founders Korn. L.A.P.D. It stood for "Love and Peace, Dude ".

Nicknamed " Fieldy " was derived from the " Garfield ", based on the character from the comic book of the same name. More specifically ,rest of the band called Reginald " gopher " (eng. Gopher) due to the large size of his cheeks. Then the nickname was transformed into "Garf", and then in Garfield. His full moniker " Fieldy Snats " (eng. Fieldy Snuts), which is also at the hearing may be perceived as "Feel these nuts" (Feel these " balls ") or "Fieldy`s nuts" (" balls " Fieldy) . The same name is Fieldy record label.

Reginald Arvizu playing 5 -string bass Ibanez SDGR SR5005, named K- 5, which is its author`s model, with strings, lowered the tone of lower (ADGCF), which gives a lower bass, and it is - one of the main differences between the Korn from other groups.

Fieldy is known for the fact that playing the bassguitar as percussion. It sounds more like a drum or percussion than on the bass guitar. He even says to himself : "I drummer. Drummer on the bass. "

Fieldy is the only left-hander in the group. although the bass, he plays as a right-hander. Most of the bass lines Fieldy written it under the influence of hip-hop. He says he finds inspiration in everything,with regard to hip-hop. Fieldy is responsible for all matters relating to trade attributes of the Korn, its purchase and sale. He razrabyvatyvaet sketches and shows their group to find out their opinion. Fieldy also came up with the names of all albums of Korn.

When Korn performed in Jacksonville, Florida, Fred Durst, who at the time worked as a tattoo artist ,I met with Fieldy and guitarist Hedom. New friends have promised each other to meet in the next time Korn will pass by the city. On your next visit to Jacksonville Korn, Durst showed them a demo tape Limp Bizkit. Impressed by Fieldy and Head passed his film producer, Ross Robinson ,which in turn I was also impressed by the sound of the band and produced the first album of Limp Bizkit, Three Dollar Bill, Yall $.

In addition to Korn, Fieldy from there rap project called Fieldy`s Dreams. He has already released one album, Rock`n Roll Gangster. The second album is currently in operation. However, until now not known CD release dateAs Fieldy is now fully skontsetrirovan to Korn.

Fieldy married his girlfriend Dina Beberi May 16, 2006. It was his second marriage and her first. Fieldy have two daughters from his first marriage to Sheila Arvizu - Serena and Olivia Arvizu. This year, Reginald and Dina had a son, named Israel. Fieldy was elected as the bassist of the year in 2005 according to the British magazine Metal Hammer.

Currently, Fieldy is working with independent rap artist Q Unique, Sevendust and Dark New Day, and with guitarist Clint Lowery in a side project called "Capital Q". The song "Killing Myself To Live" can be heard on their page in MySpace.of the album`s release date has not yet been named.

After leaving the group Heda, Fieldy independently stopped using alcohol and other drugs, and opposed to Christianity.

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