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Place of birth : Canton, Massachusetts, USA

Citizenship : United States

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The origin of the brand `Reebok` takes in 1895 ,when Joseph William Foster (Joseph William Foster) illumined with the idea to create a shoe with spikes that, when running to achieve an optimal adhesion to the track. His forces, he founded in Bolton, England (Bolton, England), a company `J. W. Foster & Co`, where he began to produce innovative running shoes with spikes.

Runner Shrabb Alfred (Alfred Shrubb),equipped with shoes `J. W. Foster & Co`, in 1904 put on the middle distance a new world record, which no one could beat in the UK next 30 years. This victory helped in the promotion of promising brand, by 1906 th renamed `J. W. Foster & Sons`.

In 1909 Foster, in fact ,He invented the first measuring table and measuring tape, calling their customer - athletes send him to outline their feet on paper when ordering sports shoes. The resulting measurements were brought in Foster`s studio, where he created his shoes. Enough time has passed, before a 1958 -mu in the product range a new model ,`Mercury`, influenced the next change of the name brand. But the new version of `Mercury Sports Footwear` failed adaptation, and two grandchildren Foster, Joe and Jeff, stopped on the word ` reebok`.

Joe contrived word `reebok` in one of the dictionaries, they won as a child in one of the competitions. The original writing, `rhebok`,Afrikaans meant ` ` African antilopa` or gazelle with sharp rogami`. In 1960, to name it has been added the word `International`, showing and proving that the brand was able to go beyond the UK market.

In 1979, the company `Reebok International` began to actively lead the way on the world stage. This happened thanks to the collaboration with the American merchant Fayermanom Paul (Paul Fireman), which became the US distributor of `Reebok`. In 1985, an enterprising Fayerman bought European and American divisions `Reebok`, which merged in ` Reebok International Ltd`.

After restructuring in 1986-m, there are three divisions - for shoes, clothing and other kinds of products. In addition, there was a takeover `The Rockport Company` and ` Avia Group International, Inc.`.

In 1993, in a short time logo `Reebok` was replaced after the British government banned the use of national symbols in advertisements. Honing athletic line for specific disciplines, experts `Reebok` decided to depart from this practice in the collection ` Reebok Classic`, sneakers from which can be worn anywhere and anytime. Pretty unusual instances in the line `Reebok Classic` steel model ` Pump`, shoe prototypes with airbags. Legendary model `Pump` famous pump on the toe, priming chamber, and her likeness were created options ` Omni Life` and `Insta Pump Fury` with an exclusive design, neon colors and vivid detail. However, the latter two models are not lost its corporate property, perfectly fitted shoe, and remained incredibly comfortable. Since 2006 the company `Reebok International` division remains ` Adidas Group`.

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