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Originalnoe name: Reg Noble

Original name: Rej Noubl


After,as the magazine "The Source" called him " Rapper of the Year" in 1993, Redman began mercilessly copied, but few were able to get closer to the original. " I was not worried - recognized Red - Many niggaz tried to imitate me, but because they knew that as soon as they hear the rap fans, they will celebrate :. " This is similar to Redman "that humiliate any sdiralu ".

Newark. Neighborhood Brikstaun. Beginning 80. Teenager Reggie was moving, but not a noisy child. Now he was sitting at home, then tried to rap in the lanes along with her younger sister Rose, who was his first passionate fan. Noble long time did not sleep at night. He sat at the radio hoping to write something new from hip-hop and funk. At age 11, he di dzheil at parties and soon picked up the microphone. The real installation was nowhere to take, so the Wise guy. He obtained two stereopristavki used and connected to them in a column. It was hard to make, but he tried and in fact worked.Four years of agony ended after the mother gave him a professional turntable (of course, from second-hand) . "I was indebted to her for the rest of your life - Reggie exclaimed, - because then she bought what she does not fumbled, but I knew for sure that I really needed."And musical authority Noble became relentless rise in Brix City. Fate brought him to former members of LORDS OF THE UNDERGROUND and two talented rappers who have entered into a new project DOITALL DO AND THE WONDER TWINS Featuring DJ Cut Killer (Reggie Noble) . In memory of Newark residents are eternally postponedlike a bunch of strange teenage rappers, who withdrew one single video where they show off in bright robes ("Oh-so-chic"), immortalized Big Daddy Kane. Reg was wearing the coolest : yellow- green tones and chains. For 17 years he completely got school. When the cash needed for admission to Montclair State College,Reg began haggling grass (weed) and cocaine. He himself smoked marijuana for a long time and did not mind that others enjoyed the forbidden potion. .. of course, for the money. In the two years that he spent in college, I had to earn textbooks dishwasher, assistant cook and clothing manufacturer. Books in the then America had a real luxury, and the guy worked hard, because without education you are nobody in modern society. Then he sat for a long time without a job. It was 1987. Reg had tried his hand at the contest of young talents, but forgetting the words of his songs and take an impromptu issue through rhyme "Fuck That / Suck The Dick",He was expelled from the hall. Again, the drug trade, but, hell, mother caught him by this business in your own home, with a few hand-rolled cigarettes and bags on her eyes dropped him from under his cap. The conversation was short. The son was sent to the same kuryage - father, who lived five blocks from them.A fundamental change in the life of our hero happened after he first heard EPMD and soon became personally acquainted with Eric Sermon (Eric Sermon) and Parrish Smith (Parrish Smith). Reg fond of funk for a long time, but the " green-eyed bandit " Sermon seemed to him the god of funk. Reggie Noble under the pseudonym Redman along with K-Solo and DAS EFX entered EPMD project supervised by HIT SQUAD. Eric and Redmen became best friends and soon went to live on Long Island (New York) , where the Sermon there were apartments for a long time huddled participants HIT SQUAD. No special amenities were not there,and who sleep on a single bed, we played every single night. A little later they joined the company and Keith Murray (Keith Murray), who, along with Redmenom and Sermon later became very popular rap trio DEF SQUAD (this year they recorded their debut album "El Nino", and Reggie he produced) . Fighting as a rapper Redman baptism took place on the album EPMD "Business Never Personal" c "Hardcore" and "Brothers On My Jock". He often joined Erik and Parrish during their enchanting concerts, and after the collapse of EPMD at Def Jam Red recorded his debut "golden " disc "Whut? Thee Album", slipped past the radio,but became an underground hit in 1992. People like bass and samples redmenovskih "Blow Your Mind", "Time 4 Sum Aksion", "How To Roll A Blunt" and " TonightTs Da Night. Redmenu alone succeeded again (after EPMD) to turn the hip-hop industry in funk track and many rappers really found it revolutionary ideas. Afterhow in 1993 the magazine "The Source" called him "the rapper of the year ," Redman began mercilessly copied, but few were able to get closer to the original. " I was not worried - recognized Red - Many niggaz tried to imitate me, but because they knew that as soon as they hear the rap fans, they will celebrate :. " This is similar to Redman "that humiliate any sdiralu. " While everyone rushed to mix rap and funk, Redman had time to record their second album, darker " Daze Iz A Darkside ", and before that with Murray helped Sermon to record his first solo album " No Pressure ", and paid tribute to his vocals albums JODECI, The Boss and Mary J. Blidge.The second disc Redman again be called funk, but it was more mysterious and problematic than its predecessor, famously revealing the essence of the author. Ed stuffed his mysterious sounds, the nature of which we can only guess, strange voices and funny rhymes, which immediately hit the treasure of east coast funk.And thus again left out of the competition. Singles "Rockafella" (dedicated to his friend, who was shot shortly before the release of this album, and that was a co-author of many songs Redman) and " CanTt Wait" did not die on the streets, but the second time Redmenu managed not to sink to the mainstream and save alternativeness its Rhyme. It was only in 1995 in a duet with Method Man, such as smoked, like himself, Reda began systematically to turn on the radio. That their song called "How High" and belonged to the soundtrack of the film "The Show". Men have had a lot in common, so that since they promise to diligently record the EP joint ,but that`s something all pull (the WU-TANG CLAN conceives too many projects, but the Red and Meth acquire albums) . Once again Redmenu can not sit still, he reads on MC Eiht albums, Shaquille OTNeal, Jamal, Busta Rhymes, and even 2Pac, of course, do not forget about your friends and Sermon Murray. He first tried his hand as a producer with ARTIFACTS and continues with the Mel-Low, opening up his own production company Funky Noble Productions. So imperceptibly we rake up to his third album, "Muddy Waters", by the way, named after the famous American blues guitarist. Although nothing to hide ,This new album of his beloved grass, relaxing the body and blanketed by fog eyes are not worse than the good old blues. The "Pick It Up" parties he asked visitors what they would do with a whole bag of marijuana, if they find that of their feet ? "Smoke Buddha" is the same tool for smoking, how to get more pleasure from puffs ,like "How To Roll A Blunt". And so on. It seems that as long as people will smoke marijuana Redmen " with sculpin in the mouth " will remain its media sponsor. But the converse is not true in the root. Ed said that he could write a song and abstract (drug) threads and generally do without their help. The thing is ,he smokes it " disgusting " 11 years and is not persuaded that this is cool. According to his observations, many people indulge in grass only to envelop the " smoke " a veil and hide his headlessness and tupizm apparent in the normal state for them. Others are looking for entertainment in marijuana. Reda is not interested neither one nor the other. He is a pragmatist and looking for benefits in everything. Smoky condition necessary for it to inflammation creative imagination and a frank dialogue in the company of friends. Therefore, it is against the legalization of any drug would otherwise disappear all the buzz of eating the forbidden fruit, and perhaps he will drop a narcotic effect ,when any fool can go to the store and buy yourself a good mood for the day. In short, philosophical and satirical approach to smoking marijuana from Redman and just like in the blood. Someone like PUBLIC ENEMY and KRS-One, said the main policy responsibility of their texts. Someone thumps and raps for the same alcoholics. Rapper do all this alien - they introduce an element of elegance in hip - hop. Redmen also harbors its real stories of those who live in hashish and marijuana, and millions of these will be typed on the planet. After he produced the last album Luniz, finally sees his new light, fourth album " DocTs The Name".

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