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Downhole mixture of funk, punk rock, and these hooligans Hollywood has spawned a legion of other bands playing in a similar style. Headed " Antoine Swan " (Anthony Kiedis, p 1 November 1962, Grand Rapids, USA. Vocals) original lineup also included " Flea " (Michael Balzari, p 16 October 1962, Melbourne, Australia ;. bass), Hillel Slovak (. p March 31, 1962, Israel, in June 25, 1988,. guitar) and Irons Jack (p. California, USA; drums).

Guys started his musical career as a garage band "Anthem". Later 80x Balzari left in "Fear" punk command. When Irons and Slovak left, joined to the less well-known project, "What Is This?", Thought that "Anthem" forever buried. However, the guys together again under a new name "Red hot chili peppers" and even managed to sign a lucrative recording contract with the American branch of "EMI records".

Unfortunately, Irons and Slovak were related to other contract with his new band, and therefore the debut album was recorded and Kiedisom Balzari Jack Sherman on guitar and Cliff Martinez (ex - "Captain Beefheart", "Weirdos") on drums. He supervised this oddly Andy Gill of the "Gang of four".Red hot chili peppers " hot peppers " gradually acquire the reputation of the concert the group, especially as they appeared on the stage half-naked. On the second album, produced by George Clinton was re- heard guitar Slovakia. Also, a section of horns present here, including, among other Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley, veterans of the "James Brown".Shortly afterwards a " peppers " Martinez joined to restore the original composition " of Anthem ", and their third album received generally funky. In 1988, "Red hot chili peppers" released "The Abbey Road EP", the cover of the envelope which parodied the famous album "Beatles" (" peppers " crossing the road completely naked, if not for socks,covering their genitals) .

In June of the same year he died of a heroin overdose in Slovakia. With deep frustration Irons left the group, but its composition added John Frusciante (born March 5, 1970, New York, USA. Guitar) and Chad Smith (born October 25, 1962, Saint Paul, USA. Drums). After the release of "Mother`s milk", the band released the single "Knock Me Down" in memory of Slovakia.

Red hot chili peppers disc "Blood sugar sex magic" turned out to be commercially successful. Produced by Rick Rubin, usually dealing with " metal " (vchastnosti "Slayer"), however, produced the first hit ballad group ,such as the classic American number 2 hit single "Under The Bridge". It`s a bit restrained critics who raged about the innate sexism " peppers ". In May 1992, the team left Frusciante. In its place has changed a whole string of guitarists until there was Dave Navarro (David Michael Navarro, p June 7, 1967, in Santa Monica, United States. ;ex - "Jane`s addiction"), which debuted at the recording of the album "One hot minute", released in 1995. Two years later, on both sides of the Atlantic people dragged from their hit "Love Rollercoaster" - the soundtrack to the film "Beavis and Butt-head do America".

In 1998, Navarro was gone and in its place came back John Frusciante. Despite the reshuffle was pleased to hear the band in such good shape at the 1999 album "Californication", had risen to fifth place in the United States and England, and includes hits such as "Scar Tissue", "Parallel Universe" and "Easily".

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