Razaaq Adoti

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Date of Birth: 06/27/1973

Age: 43

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Actor Razaak Adoti (Razaaq Adoti) was born in 1973 in London Nigerian family. Acting Razaak craft began to develop at the age of 17 years, being a college student. His Bachelor of Arts degree in the actor received the prestigious London School of Drama (Central School of Speech and Drama). At the time of release Adoti already had a contract with one of the most respected agencies in London casting.

Starting with the works in the series, Razaak had its first significant success in the 97th, hitting a famous historical drama by Steven Spielberg `Amistad` (Amistad), showing the horrors of the slave system.

Continuing to work in anticipation of roles in television series, Adoti appeared in such films as `Soldier, soldat` (Soldier Soldier) and` Dream Team`.

In 2000, he was attracted to shooting the thriller `Gangster

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