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Date of Birth: 08/23/1974

Age: 42

Place of birth: Glasgow

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Born August 23, 1974 in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Park was born and lived until the seven years in Glasgow, then his family moved to London. There he began studying kung fu, and in seven years has added to its program as wushu and gymnastics. Since he came to kung fu to black belt second degree, many times participated (and a slightly smaller number of times - won) in competitions in martial arts (including the UK Championship, where he was in 16 years became the best in his age group) and he joined the team of Great Britain at the world Wushu Championships in Malaysia in 1993.

In 1997, Ray made his film debut. To begin with - as a stuntman, duplicate and Raiden, and the Raptor, and besides, who played Barack action scenes in `Mortal Kombat 2: Istreblenie`. In his roles there was not a single word - but it was 100 per cent of the fights.

In 1999, Park starred in the first episode of `Star voyn` as lord Sith Darth Maul. This time his character was supposed to utter a few phrases, but they are duplicated.

But for this role, Park was nominated for the award `MTV Movie Award` for` best draku` and `best role zlodeya`.

In addition, in the same years he was a stuntman in the film `Sleepy Hollow`.

The first `nastoyaschaya` role - with dialogue - came only in 2000, in the film` People Iks`. It was the role of Todd, and attentive viewer can see how after the battle with the storm that twists around a piece of pipe as well as Darth Maul from Star Voyn` `twisted his double lightsaber - it really is one of the specific methods of Wushu.

Then Ray asked to play is not a villain, and a superhero - a millionaire who, as a master of martial arts, is able to concentrate its `vital silu` fist (why the lights and gets superhuman strength blows). The film is called `Iron kulak` (unsurprisingly) is removed based on the comic `Marvel` (also no surprise) and for several years has been finalized.

In December 2007, the Park adopted the role of Snake-Eyes, one of the team `GI Joe`, counteracting terrorists in the movie` Throw Kobry` (released in 2009).

In the TV movie `Vampires: The revival of the ancient roda` actor playing vampire acrobat twins in the series` Geroi` - Edgar Sullivan, and in the 2009 film `Infernal pereplet` - one of the Knights Templar, which should not allow to open the gates of hell.

As for the actor`s personal life - he is married, the family grow a son and daughter.

Author: Yury Utkin

Website: Celebrities

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