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Date of Birth: 1961

Age: 54

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Narrow giperpoliglotov world

In order to clarify, it is necessary to clarify that the free Ray operates in eight languages, and the remaining ten knows at a conversational level.

Ask him chto-nibud Portuguese, Thai, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Bulgarian or Mandarin - and sparkling response by Gilliona you are guaranteed.

In Britain, where increased anxiety due to the inability of people to learn an additional language, Ray looks a little strange compared to most. After the government has made the study of foreign languages ??optional subject that teens can choose from 14 years, more and more British children give up this kind of electives.

Publisher `HarperCollins`, to seek the most advanced young multilingvista in Britain, found 20-year-old student at Oxford University, which holds 11 languages.

In his new book `Babel No More` Michael Erard (Michael Erard) suggests that Gillon belongs to the caste of people that are engaged in the study of languages ??is purely for pleasure.

So what makes some after mastering one language to switch to the next?

Now the 54-year-old, self-taught polyglot Gillon started studying French and Latin at the age of 11. He continued to learn English and joined the German - on the elective courses, when preparing to receive a degree in Electronic Engineering. `However, my love affair with languages ??began not really, until I got my first job, - said Ray. - I was sent to the south of France, and I was full of enthusiasm for the study of any yazyka`.

A new chapter began with the development of audiovisual systems for a cruise ship in his life. Foreign colleagues introduced a new project with the Italian Gillon.

He recalls: `I went on holiday to Italy, and I fell in love with the Italian. I bought the book and started practicing on their own. By the end of the third year of my stay in France I was fluent in French and italyanski`.

Next work provided Ray journey around the world, and quickly become skilled British in German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Swedish.

He stated that enjoys foreign languages ??dozen every day for ten years. His current job is to control the quality of translations of Hollywood films in foreign languages ??requires Gillon continuous improvement.

`I have a large library of books in foreign languages. I regularly update their knowledge, review grammar, reading newspapers and watch satellite televidenie` - Ray says.

According to linguist expert and author Michael Erard, giperpoliglotov such as Gillon, in the world quite a bit. Erard said that the threshold is overcome in 11 languages ??are rare.

He adds: `At the same time, knowledge, coupled languages ??such as English, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi and Russian, is seen as more significant than eleven knowledge of Romance languages ??such as Italian, French and Spanish `.

Gifted linguists often have to make a choice between a deep and comprehensive study of a smaller number of languages ??and focusing on kakom-libo one aspect, for example, speaking many languages.

Another devoted fan of a foreign language, 32-year-old Matt Withers, who owns a German, Portuguese, French, Luxembourg and Welsh also said that for him language - not a calling, but a passion.

Along with the self-study books, Withers signed a whole series of courses.

He said: `When I was in Germany, I lived in a house with three Brazilians, so that in the evening talking to them in Portuguese. It was interesting to try to learn Portuguese through German yazyka`.

`The last few years I live in Wales, and I am surrounded by the predominantly indigenous Welsh, making possible the study of Welsh `.

Withers believes that enough to master a foreign language to the study should be given more easily.

He says: `Many monoglot in Britain even really can not explain in English terms such as `past perfect tense` and `past time`. When you learn about plural nouns, grammatical time and the formation of grammatical forms, it seems to me, you get a set of tools to work with other yazykami`.

At the same time Withers notes that the resulting tools are not always triggered.

`For example, the Welsh, in terms of sentence structure, not like any other major European language, and differences just razitelnye` - Matt says.

So what allows giperpoliglotam as it may seem from the outside to penetrate the essence of a foreign language with the click of a finger?

Erard acknowledges that give a logical explanation is difficult, but considers that it would be necessary to delve into the biographical data of the individual, and that giperpoligloty have neurological features.

He said that such people, no doubt, very sociable, is `` neurological equipment to interact with the environment in a structured program. Particular attention should be paid to the structuring of the information.

Erard adds: `Giperpoligloty have the ability to easily switch between languages, and cognitive skills are transferred to such people often inherited `.

The protagonist of this article, Ray Gillon, frankly admits that it has no idea about the true causes of their language skills.

`I can not give any explanation - he sums up. - If I could, it would have long spilled knowledge of the bottles and would begin their prodavat`.

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