Ray Burke

Picture of Ray Burke

Date of Birth: 09/30/1943

Age: 73

Place of birth: Dublin

Citizenship: Ireland


Patrick Burke Rafael (Raphael Patrick `Ray` Burke) was born September 30, 1943 in Dublin, Ireland (Dublin, Ireland), and was educated at O`Connell (O`Connell Schools), before becoming an auctioneer. Burke`s political career began in 1967 when he was elected to Dublin County Council (Dublin County Council). From 1985 to 1987, Burke led the Council, becoming its chairman. In general Irish election in 1973, Ray Burke was elected to Doyle Eryan (D & # 225; il & # 201; ireann), the lower house of parliament for the constituency of North Dublin (Dublin County North), who succeeded to the post of his father, Patrick Joseph Burke (Patrick Joseph Burke), who was the representative of Fianna Fail in parliament for 29 years. Ray Burke represented in parliament the same constituency and its successor, the North County Dublin, until his retirement nearly 25 years later.

After a convincing victory in the Fianna Fail vseobschihvyborah 1977 Burke was appointed Minister of State for Industry and the Department of Commerce (Department of Industry and Commerce). He supported the candidacy of George Colley (George Colley) in the primary election Fianna Fail in 1979, but after being defeated opponent Collie, Charles Haughey (Charles Haughey), Haughey Burke kept his post in the government. Later, Ray Burke was one of the most loyal supporters of Charles Haughey during internal unrest in the government against the leadership of the dominant party. In October 1980, Burke was appointed Minister for the Environment and held this position until June 1981 and then again in 1982, in a short period of Fianna Fail returned to power. When after five years in 1987, Fianna Fail again got a chance to form a government, Burke was appointed Minister of Energy and held this chair until 1988 when vozglavilministerstvo industry, trade and communications.

Once in 1989 formed a coalition of Fianna Fail - Progressive Democrats, Burke became Minister of Justice and Minister for Communications. In February 1992, Prime Minister of Ireland became party colleague Burke on Albert Reynolds (Albert Reynolds), who, however, did not enter Burke in his cabinet. After the general election in 1997 Fianna Fail returned to power, and the new Prime Minister Bertie Ahern (Bertie Ahern) Burke appointed foreign minister.

A few months after the appointment of Burke as Minister of Foreign Affairs, there were accusations that Burke received 80 thousand pounds from the builder to influence the decisions of the former Dublin county council (Dublin County Council). Burke denied the charges, but resigned and left the post of the minister and a seat in parliament in October 1997, after only four months. The investigation resulted in the Tribunal under Judge Fergus Flood (Feargus Flood) was a report in which the judge called Burke a corrupt politician.

Another serious charge against Burke was the situation with Irish radio stations, which, as it seemed to have been set up to Burke not too favorably during the elections. As a result of man-made radio conditions suffered serious financial losses, and some had to be closed - for all that Burke has also received large bribes. Then emerged a number of transactions, which are also committed only by a huge fall-back to Burke.

In July 2004, Burke pleaded guilty to filing false tax returns and in January 2005 was sentenced to 6 months` imprisonment. Burke was one of the most senior officials in the history of Ireland, who served time in prison. His early released in June 2005, for good behavior.