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The healer or a quack?

Two years ago, 67-year-old resident of the English city of Worthing (Worthing), graphic designer retired Cynthia Knapp (Cynthia Knapp) almost could not move because of rheumatoid arthritis. This is a systemic disease that affects the joints, causing Cynthia so strong pain in the neck and back pain that she could barely overcome a couple of meters between the bedroom and bathroom. Today Cynthia nothing hurts, and it is a much more active lifestyle than once could imagine. Speaking about the changes in his health, Cynthia uses the word `chudo` and seems to be the way it was, because neither medicine nor any other branch of science can not explain how she was healed.

Miraculous deliverance from the manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis Cynthia obliged to so-called `mental hirurgu` named Ray Brown (Ray Brown), in the past - a builder who, according to him, treats his patients by communicating with the spirit of the Apostle Paul, the same that applied to the Christianity after Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus (Damascus). Today, a former construction worker and amateur tattoos specializes in cardiac surgery neurosurgery, informs us of its site. St. Paul Ray Under the guidance had the opportunity, apparently, to determine their patients` ailments by simply laying his hands on them. Then he uses some `spiritual instrumenty` to eliminate, for example, a pinched nerve or make the cancer reduced in size. At the same time, Ray, of course, makes no incisions and does not deal with the flesh and blood of patients.

In Russia, the concept of `mental hirurgi` is not stuck - too funny sounds for the Russian ear - and a few mentions in the press and Internet resources using the designation` mysterious psy-hirurgi` or much more familiar `tseliteli`.

Despite the fact that all this sounds like fiction, Ray - is not the only `mental hirurg` practicing in the UK, there are dozens, if not hundreds, and thousands are turning to healers healing the afflicted. However, none of these psychic surgeons has no medical training. The practice of this healing was born in the community of Spiritualists in Brazil (Brazil) and the Philippines (Philippines) more than half a century ago, but in the end, raspolzlaspo around the world, finding true followers, even in developed Western countries.

These doctors are healers, to put it mildly, bad, considering them thieves who prey on the misery and desperation, but supporters of the `mental hirurgii` assure that their practices can cope with diseases where traditional medicine is powerless. Psi-surgeons, as they said, turning directly to the higher powers, and even those, be sure to find the problem, which missed the usual earthly doctors.

Ray Brown - one of the most popular `mental hirurgov` in the UK, it takes patients across the country, and Cynthia went to see him on the other recommendations. She was skeptical, but the pain was absolutely unbearable, and she decided that a try, nothing to lose. The first session cost her 33 pounds. Ray at the time of its appearance in the living room of an ordinary house in Brighton (Brighton) have entered into a state of deep trance. Laid his hands on her neck and back, Ray announced that cause excruciating pain were clamped nerves, and then massaged the painful areas, and it was very painful. When a few days later the pain suddenly disappeared, Cynthia could not believe his senses. Now she only one session per month to keep yourself in good condition.

Now Ray 68 years old, but he looks like, perhaps younger. According to him, Paul is with him since birth, but up to 21 years, he did not realize that it can help people. Then he saw a blinding white light and appeared for the first time completely captured the spirit of St. Paul. Ever since then, now 46 years old former construction worker and former Pharisee `rabotayut` together, healing people with a variety of diagnoses, from cerebral palsy to multiple sclerosis, and there are celebrities among his patients. According to Ray, he`s healing moments turns into a channel for the spirit of St. Paul, something like a wire through which a current flows.

Ray, incidentally, insists that he never advised patients to refuse conventional treatment. So it was with Cynthia - in parallel with the sessions from Ray Brown, she began a course `Enbrela`, the latest at the time of the preparation for the utterance of rheumatoid arthritis. However, she herself is confident that his healing is obliged not tablets.