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This rhythm-and - blues band from Detroit organized "The sunliners" musicians group existed since 1961. In the first part of "Rare earth" came Gil Bridges (saxophone) , Pete Rivera (drums) John Perche (bass) , Rod Richards (guitar) and Kenny James (keyboards) .

The first studio work team was the album "Dreams Answers", released on the "MGM / Verve". However, the real success expected "Rare earth", when they moved under the "Motown records" roof. Despite,that the label specialized in " black " music (as " redkozemeltsy " were white) , so their work had to taste the firm leadership that it has even organized a special unit called "Rare Earth Records".

The first creation in a new location called "Get ready" based on the eponymous 21 - minute composition ,occupying the whole side of the plate. It is through this song, the band made its way into the charts and got on the radio path.

Rare EarthZatem musicians worked on the soundtrack for the film "Generation", and recorded the "Ecology" album after the appearance of percussionist Eddie Guzman. Despite the fact that the drive has taken in charts 15 - th place, and spawned two hit singles ,after he left the vyhodakomandu Richards and James. Jobs took Ray Monette and Mark Olsen, with the assistance of which the album "One world" was made. The success of this record provided composition "I just want to celebrate", has risen in the US charts up to the seventh position. In the same year, "Rare earth" released a double live album ,consolidate the collective status of a powerful "live act ". This work was the last for John Persha, yielding a bass guitar Mike Urso.

Next vinyl pancake musicians took to produce themselves, but the venture was unsuccessful, and "Willie remembers" has turned out weaker than their predecessors. By the next release of the group arrived with internal conflicts, because of which then went Rivera and Urso.

Rare EarthNapryazhennaya situation has affected the quality of work, and " of Motown " refused to release live album "Live in Chicago" because of the " disgusting sound. " Exit out of this sitatsii Gil ,Ray and Eddie tried using a set of new recruits : Jerry La Crocs (saxophone, flute), Reggie McBride (bass) , Frosty (percussion), Paul Warren (guitar) and Geybriela Katona (keyboards) . However, the album "Back to Earth" was not able to reach the level of the early work, and was followed the next reshuffle. Disco -oriented plate 1976,"Midnight lady", is the latest release of the group under the banner of "Motown". Barney Eles, who recently headed the "Rare Earth Records", founded the independent label "Prodigal" and sent a command to it.

"Rare Earth" for some time to keep afloat, although staffing problems do not leave them for a long time. In the early 80x group for a long time disappeared from view, and appeared on the horizon only to the end of the decade. In 1993, he released a new studio album, but the subsequent time the team was satisfied with a variety of collections.

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