Raoul Bova

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Date of Birth: 08/14/1971

Age: 45

Place of birth: Rome

Citizenship: Italy


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Bova was born in Rome. Even as a child he was interested in sport - quite rapidly it became good athlete and national champion in swimming. At sixteen, Raul won the Italian championship in swimming at one hundred meters backstroke. Sport, however, was not enough; it entailed something more, and that `something to` became an actor`s career.

His first work was the film `Una Story Italiana`; followed, in 2003 th, he starred in `Comincio Tutto per Caso` with another major Italian star, Margherita Bai. The film turned out to be quite successful in the box office and with critics; Raoul spoke.

The next two pictures Bova confirmed the previously announced high grade; his performance in the romantic drama `Beautiful printsessa` ( `Piccolo Grande Amore`) and mafizonom series` La Piovra` did not cause the slightest criticism of even the most avid critics. Joining the team `La Piovra` - on the seventh season of the show - Raul opened a new world; from that moment he began to actively act in television movies and miniseries. I do not forget about it, and a big screen - so that in 1996 the world saw movies Mer` `(` Il Sindaco`), where Bova starred with Anthony Quinn and Susannah York and Volchitsa` `(` La Lupa`) c nominee for the award `Donatello` (the Italian equivalent of the award `Oscar`) Monica Gerritore.

Very soon Raul unique chance to work with the most well-known outside the country of the Italian actress of the time - Sophia Loren; he was invited to the film `Francesca and Nuntsiata` ( `Francesca e Nunziata`). This picture was shot in the NNS, directed by Lina Wertmuller (also released the film `Love and Anarchy` and` Seven Beauties`); the film was presented at the Film Festival in Montreal. The next work was a picture Bova `Windows naprotiv` (` La Finestra di Fronte`), gathered at the end of five awards `Donatello`. In 2003, the film became the highest grossing in Italy; In the same year he was showcased the Toronto Film Festival and `Sony Pictures` acquired the rights to his show in North America. The peak of the Italian Career Award was Raul `President`s Award` for her role in this film.

In the same year, Raul finally came out on the international level, she appeared in the movie `Under the sun Toskany` ( `Under the Tuscan Sun`). Especially the actor did not succeed; however, he still acted in various film and TV projects, mainly Italian.

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