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Date of Birth: 08/29/1983

Age: 26

Place of birth: Neuilly-sur-Seine

Nationality: Netherlands


Shaffi Ramses (Ramses Shaffy) was born in 1933 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, the western edge of Paris, France (Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, France). His father was an Egyptian diplomat, and most of the time was devoted to work, and her mother, Russian-Polish Jew, has taken all the care for the education of his son over. Together with his mother Ramses lived in Cannes (Cannes), but after her death from tuberculosis was forced to move in with her aunt in Utrecht, Netherlands (Utrecht, Netherlands), however, for a long time there the boy was not late, and during the following years he lived in foster care.

Ever since early childhood Shaffi attracted theater, apparently, it is transferred to it for the genes from his mother; not finishing school, the guy went to enter the prestigious Theatre University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam School of Theatre Arts) in 1952. Nobody believed in the chances of low boy living in a foster family, but what happened at the entrance exam is still a mystery - Ramses entered the university on the first try, without making any effort to do so. In 1955, he made his stage debut - comedy `Nederlandse Comedie`, which has become one of the most popular works in the past few years.

In 1960, confident Ramses went to conquer the capital of Italy, Rome (Rome, Italy), having a determination to break into the film industry. Shaffi, however, had to admit that the actor`s career is so easy to do - besides talent, it was necessary to have regard also, which he, unfortunately, did not have.

Soon, the young actor became increasingly appear in public with his friend Joop Admiraalom (Joop Admiraal), the famous Dutch actor; rumors about a gay couple began to take more and more apparent, and the guys do not even try to refute them. Only with the help of Ramses Joop he founded his own theater company, called `Shaffy Chantant`.

By the mid-1960s Shaffi identity was already one of the most prominent in the Dutch show business; so, for example, to his theater he joined a famous actress of the time sheet Elizabeth, better known under the name of Lisbeth Sheet (Liesbeth List). Not once Shaffi worked with the legendary pianist Louis van Dijk (Louis van Dijk). One of the most famous works of the time was the song `Pastorale`, sung a duet with already above Lisbeth sheet. Ramses has repeatedly been subjected to jokes from comedians Thus, the famous actor-comedian Andre van Dune (Andr & # 233; van Duin) even recorded a cover version of the song `Wij zullen doorgaan`, whose author was Shaffi.

It is known that for a long time he had a severe alcohol dependence, but by joining the movement `Rajneesh`, he flatly refused any alcoholic beverages.

In the 1980s, Ramses returned to acting work, he played Don Quixote in the musical `De man van La Mancha` (The man from La Mancha). Despite the rare appearance on the stage, the actor`s name has been on the lips of the audience, perhaps, all the performances, which were attended by Shaffi, were extremely successful.

In 2002, he released a documentary film by Peter Fleury (Pieter Fleury), about the life and work of the actor. The work was awarded the `Golden telets` and received excellent reviews by many critics at the Dutch Film Festival (Nederlands Film Festival).

In the early 2000s, Ramses was forced to stay at home most of their time - the reason for that was Korsakoff syndrome, which is characterized by extreme forgetfulness and mental disorders.

May 5, 2009, the year it became known that the legendary Dutch actor found inoperable esophageal cancer. A few months later, on December 1 Ramses Shaffi died at his home in Amsterdam. The next day, the coffin with the body of the artist was exhibited in Royal Carr & # 233; theater, where everyone could personally say goodbye with the star of an era.

Author: Eugene Tantsurina

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