Rajiv Gandhi

Picture of Rajiv Gandhi

Date of Birth: 08/20/1944

Age: 46

Birth Place: Mumbai

Citizenship: India


Both children received an excellent education, first in Dehradun Doon School, then in London at Imperial College, and finally, at Cambridge University, where he studied engineering. On his return to India Rajiv Gandhi received a pilot`s license and began to work on Indian Airlines in 1968.

Already in June 1981, Rajiv was elected to the Lok Sabha (lower house of Parliament), and a month later joined the executive committee of the Youth Congress.

31 October 1984 Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was killed by Sikh terrorists. In totzhe day Rajiv was sworn in as the new prime minister of the country, and after a while he led the National Congress, and under his leadership, the party won the parliamentary elections in December 1984.

At the post of Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi undertook a variety of measures to reform the management system. To combat bureaucracy and to liberalize the country`s economy as a whole. He also tried to fight separatism in the Punjab and Kashmir, preferring peaceful means open confrontation. However, after a series of financial scandals, in which representatives of the Gandhi administration were involved, the effectiveness of his reign began to fall sharply. In November 1989, Rajiv Gandhi resigned from the post of Prime Minister of India, leaving a general guide by the National Congress.

May 21, 1991 Rajiv Gandhi held campaign events near Madras. During the meeting with the voters he was approached by a woman with a large basket of flowers, ostensibly intended Gandhi. When he was quite close to him, an explosion. Namesti tragedy pokolechenyh 17 corpses were found, among which was the Rajiv Gandhi and the woman suicide bomber, which, as it turned out, was associated with the Tamil separatists.

In 1998, an Indian court convicted 26 participants in this terrorist act. According to the convicts, who were really Tamil terrorists from the island of Sri Lanka, this explosion was their revenge Rajiv Gandhi, who ordered in 1987 in Sri Lanka, the Indian peacekeeping forces were introduced, designed to fight the Tamil separatists.