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Date of Birth: 02/17/1916

Age: 86

Place of birth: Tropea

Citizenship: Italy


Author: Elena Murzina

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Raffaele Vallone born February 17, 1916 in the town of Tropea on the west Italian region of Calabria. The father of the future movie star was secured by a lawyer, his mother came from an aristocratic family. Rafael studied law and philosophy at the University of Turin and, graduating, joined the legal office of his father. In his youth, he played professional football and even took part in the `A` games of the series, the top division of the Italian Football League, one of the most prestigious in the world. In the season 1935-1936-th Vallone her team won the Coppa Italia. Vallone then headed the Department of Culture in the newspaper `l`Unit & # 224; `, later became the official publication of the Communist Party of Italy, combining editorial work with critical reviews of movies and theater performances in the Turin newspaper` La Stampa`. During the Second World War, Raf Vallone fought with the Nazis in the ranks of the Italian resistance.

He first appeared on the big screen, playing a small role in the movie sailor `We - zhivye` (Noi vivi) based on the novel by American writer of Russian origin Ayn Rand (Alisa Rosenbaum Zinovevna), which came out in Italian translation in 1937, on the eve of the war. It is worth noting that while Vallone absolutely not interested in acting profession and was not going to continue to shoot, but his appearance and high athletic haunted filmmakers.

His next film, `Bitter ris` (Riso amaro) directed by Giuseppe De Santis, was released only in 1949. Vallone played the role of Marco in love with the same woman (Silvana Mangano) as the brutal character of Vittorio Gassman. The film became one of the first representatives of neo-realism, contrasts Hollywood glitter truth of life of the working man. Drama got a big success, and Raf Vallone, a born actor - international career.

Vallone became a major movie star in Italy 50, and then in the 60s and 80s a lot of filming around the world, including in Hollywood. He played along with Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Anna Magnani, Melina Mercouri, Simone Signoret and enjoyed great popularity among the female audience.

In the third part of the cult film by Francis Ford Coppola`s` Godfather otets` (The Godfather) actor played the role of Cardinal Lamberto, confessor of Michael Corleone, but in `Robbery in italyanski` (The Italian Job), he, on the contrary, played a mafia boss.

In 1952, 36-year-old Vallone married actress Elena Varzi. Their marriage lasted until the end of the life of Raphael. They played together in several films in the 50s - ( `Shtorm` (Storm),` geroi` Sunday (Sunday Heroes), `Romans 11: 00` (Rome 11:00)), and then Elena, a beautiful brunette gradually gave up their careers to bring up three children. Eleanor`s daughter and son Saverio went in the footsteps of their parents by acting profession. Last Vallone and Varzi appeared together in the movie `Toni` (Toni) in 1999, playing the elderly.

The actor died on October 31, 2002 at the age of 86, in Rome. `I`m not afraid smerti`, - he said. - `I am afraid starosti`. In 2001, shortly before his death, he published an autobiography `Alphabet pamyati`.

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