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Place of birth : San Francisco, USA

Citizenship : United States


In the 60s, covered with acid mist, on the West Coast, there are many teams specializing in esid rock. One of these teams was a group of San Francisco "Quicksilver messenger service".

In the first part of the gang included John Sipollina (guitar ;. P August 24, 1943, from May 29, 1989.) , David Freiberg (bass, p. August 24, 1938) , Dino Valenti (vocals, guitar ; p 7 October 1943, from November 16, 1994) and Jim Murray (harmonica) .. . The first series of "Quicksilver" left Dino Valenti, who loved drugs and put behind bars for their storage. John, David and Jim were not particularly tense and quickly recruited into their ranks Alexander " Skip " Spence (guitar ,vocals) and Casey Sonobana (drums) .

Sonoban stayed as part of "Quicksilver messenger service" less than a year and dumped somewhere, surfacing in the early 70`s in the "Copperhead". In the middle of 1965 he left and Spence, who was lured into a "Jefferson airplane". The resulting vacancy occupied by musicians from "The Brogues" Gary Duncan (guitar ; p. September 4, 1946) and Greg Elmore (drums ; p 4 September 1946) .. The resulting quintet toured only within California, did not wanting to leave the Sunshine State. Also the musicians are not particularly eager to get a contract in contrast to their colleagues from the "Grateful dead" and "Jefferson airplane".At the end of 1967 "Quicksilver messenger service" was invited to participate in the soundtrack to the " hippie " film " of Revolution ", but Murray, this idea was not to the soul, and he left the team. The soundtrack went under the banner of "Capitol records", a label that succeeded the following year still to drag himself to the "QMS". The debut album ,released in the spring of 1968, it was great, but for some reason the critics did not like it, and much commercial success did not have. Then the musicians decided that the public should be more interested in their "live" room, and the next plate zababahali 25 - minute version of "Who do you love" Bo Diddley, performed alternately by each of the team members.

See,they have made the right bet, and the "Happy trails" hit the American Top 30, spent more time in the charts than any other creature "QMS". Good disposition broke care took shape Duncan joined the Dino Valenti. Now, instead of his team appeared keyboardist Nicky Hopkins, an Englishman, and the main vocalist became Freiberg. In the new configuration "Quicksilver messenger service" recorded the album "Shady Grove", Ahead of the charts of its predecessor, but also off from the " Billboard " much earlier.

At the end of the sessions the team returned Valenti and Duncan. At first they planned only to support their colleagues at the concerts ,but then took part in the creation of the fourth album, "Just for love". However, with the advent of Valenti situation in the group began to heat up. The first ran Hopkins, and then, unable to bear the dictatorship Dino, slammed the door and Sipollina. It happened during the fifth album sessions. And if Hopkins was able to find a replacement in the person of Mark naphthaleneinstead had to settle for Sipolliny sessionschikov services. "Quicksilver messenger service" and then continued to release records, but with the loss of John`s music " the QMS " lost "highlight ".

In 1971 Freyberg " thanks " marijuana landed behind bars, and was replaced by Mark Ryan. A year later, the activity "Quicksilver" came to naught ,and only in 1975 was held reunion "Quicksilver messenger service" in classical composition plus Valenti. However, after the release of the album "Solid silver" group disbanded again. Another attempt resuscitation "Messenger service" was undertaken in 1987 by Gary Duncan.

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