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Year of birth: 1962

Age: 53 year

Place of birth: Bay City, Michigan, USA

Citizenship: United States


`Question Mark and the Mysterians` (also spelled` and the Mysterians`?) -American rock band formed in 1962 in Bay City, Michigan (Bay City, Michigan).

The group became famous for his song ` 96 Tears`, garage rock classic recorded in 1966, won 1st place in the chart` Billboard Hot 100`, It sold more than a million copies and went on air for more than three million times, for which he won BMI.` ? and the Mysterians` became one of the first bands whose music attributed to punk rock, as well as the first Latin rock band, recorded in the United States (United States) hits a national scale. His team must name the Japanese sci-fi film in 1957 `The Mysterians`,in which the aliens dead planet Misteroid (Mysteroid) occurred to conquer Earth (Earth).

Frontman and main songwriter was and remains the musician known as? (Or Question Mark, letters. Question mark). Although he never confirmed it,Front copyright the Library of Congress (Library of Congress) states that at birth? Martinez was named Rudy (Rudy Martinez).

The original composition of the group came together in 1962 and consisted of bassist Larry Borjas (Larry Borjas), guitarist and cousin Larry, Roberta Balyderramy (Robert Balderrama),and Roberta Martinez (Robert Martinez) on Guitar and bongo, kotoryy zatem pereklyuchilsya of barabany. Gruppa played instrumentalynuyu muzyku, vdohnovlyayasy tvorchestvom Taki muzykantov how Rey Link (Link Wray). Vskore k gruppe prisoedinilsya? and Stahl vedushtim vokalistom. Sushtestvuet opinion Chto? - Eto Rudy MartinezBrother drummer.All the musicians were Mexican- American descent. Robert Martinez was drafted just before the scheduled recording, and Larry Borjas had invited drummer Eddie Serrato (Eddie Serrato) and bass player Frank Lugo (Frank Lugo), and Bobby Balderrama changed his bass to guitar.For keyboards got fourteen Frank Rodriguez (Frank Rodriguez) and thus was formed a composition in which the classic rock song ` 96 Tears` was recorded.

? I wrote the song ` 96 Tears`, which became their first and biggest hit, and began as a poem` Too Many Teardrops`, written four years before, the band was formed. The single ` 96 Tears` was recorded March 13, 1966 in Bay City, Michigan,the local label `Pa-Go-Go Records`, belonging to the group manager Lilian Gonzalez (Lillian Gonzales). At first it was assumed that the A side will take the song `Midnight Hour`, and` 96 Tears` located on side B, but its author insisted, all done vice versa.Vocalist personally went to the station with his single and the song quickly became a local hit. When the song was released `Cameo-Parkway Records`, she climbed up to 1st place in the charts and sold in great quantities, received` zolotoy` status.

The next singles group, `I Need Somebody` and ` Can`t Get Enough of You Baby`,We could not repeat the success of their debut single and album ` 96 Tears` published in 1966 also did not achieve significant commercial success, and only rose to the 66th position in the chart ` Billboard`s Pop Albums`.

Next their album, `Action`, came out in 1967, in the heyday of the group ,

but did not attract much attention.

Over the next four decades,the band managed to sign up for the labels `Capitol Records`,` Tangerine Records` and `Super K`; `Part? and the Mysterians` changed when former members rushed in a new direction, and new ones have come in their place. One of the strongest compositions, by the way, going in 1997. The composition ` 96 Tears`,which became part of the standard repertoire of classic rock, performed many times as cover versions of other artists, and recorded her dozens of times in different versions (in the `90s there were even remakes rap).

` ? and the Mysterians` still touring, performing at small concert venues and rockfestivals and even go to Europe (Europe).In 2006, the `? and the Mysterians` were introduced in the state of Michigan Hall of Fame legends of rock `n` roll (Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame), and the following year ` 96 Tears` composition was recognized legendary song of Michigan.

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